Main features of the compact cutting machine Craft ROBO:

Easily cuts along the borders of the images printed on an A4 paper (Letter supported with U.S. model

First you use ROBO Master, a software program supplied with the Craft ROBO, or a compatible tool or plug-in provided by third parties to draw, edit and print images on an A4 paper. Then, simply load the printed paper onto the Craft ROBO to let it detect the register marks. Now paper cutting starts along the borders of the images or shapes, enabling you to produce papercrafts, 3-D greeting cards, stickers of your own design, labels, etc. easily.

Allows for selecting between a cut line or fold line
When creating a papercraft, for example, the Craft ROBO allows you to specify the type of line, i.e. a cut line or a fold (perforated) line. This facilitates an easy and accurate creation of the papercraft after cutting.

Supports 11 types of "genuine" media, including thick sheets and labels
Currently available media provided by Graphtec are 11 types. They range from "Card with Craft Multi Carrier Sheet" for crafts and greeting cards and "Film Label" suitable for your original stickers, to magnet sheets that work with inkjet printers and special media such as luminous labels.

Various software programs available
The Craft ROBO comes with a drawing program called ROBO Master, which allows you to import various images. By combining ROBO Master with other software you are using, you can perform a variety of editing tasks.

In addition to ROBO Master, various easy-to-use software programs are available from our alliance companies that are all major software vendors. Also a wide range of media is available for use with the Craft ROBO. A launch of a new website developed specifically for the Craft ROBO will encourage the creation of the "Craft ROBO World", where users can find detailed information on the Craft ROBO while enjoying user-oriented services.