Hi all.

There will be a few things happening soonish, but after a very long time of avoiding it, I managed to catch Covid and am really not very well.

I won't dwell on it.

I have to do a bit of tidying up over the next weeks, but much of it will have to wait til I am a bit better

One thing I will do is HIDE the Graphtec forum and limit access to it. At this moment there are a few options and I am not sure which one I will choose. I might do it via a user group - like the old Template User group. When I sort out how, I'll let people know. I might pre-approve anyone who has posted in that forum in the last couple of months, we'll see.

I still hope to remove gallery stuff to make room for people to have more upload space. With such a small population we should be able to allow much more than we do now. This is something Hubby and I need to coordinate and he has Covid too so...

I really do hope in a few days I will feel better, but the last days have been rough. Thank goodness it is likely Omicron!

Happy New Year to all and be well!