I am so very annoyed.

I treated myself to a S&C and bought an additional Standard Mat with it.
I cut some film to make a stencil, all good. I cut some images, again, all good.

I decided to try cutting foam and labels paper to make stickers. I stuck the label sheet to the mat, but because the images did not recognise as well as I hoped, I decide to remove the label paper and try reprinting before cutting. The backing of the label paper stuck so firmly to the mat, it ripped away only the top layer but not the backing!

I tried using the scraper tool to pry up a corner but that did not help. It seemed to remove the sticky layer as well.

I contacted the Chat service (this was yesterday so they answered pretty quick) and was told a few things. First that the low tack mat was recommended - I checked the Quick Reference guide and first tried the Low-tack mat but the paper seemed to shift when scanning. I saw that the Standard Mat was also ticked. She said soak it in warm water, I did, but it would not shift. One of the C&C ladies said warm water with a bit of dish soap in one of their videos so did that. Not a lot more luck. I ended up rubbing with my fingertips to remove the paper and after AGES it finally all came off, but so did the sticky layer!

I now have a completely useless mat with not on bit of sticky on it.

So aggravated. I mean I did TRY to follow the manufacturer's advice (Brother's not GUK's to be fair) but still....

I have read you can restick the mat but FFS. I didn't even use it once before it was ruined.

Just having a bit of a rant. Any advice? I did contact Customer Service but no idea how long it might take for some feedback there. And usually there is good help HERE and more immediate so...