I can smell those puppies, they have such a lovely smell, so cute.

Pretty bridge Ellie and that house over the river is just lovely.

Lovely photo's Sheila, especially the fountain and the iris are gorgeous. I have my neighbour's and they haven't flowered in years but this year is looking promising. If they do flower I'll get a photo.

We had the most marvellous sunset this evening, which, being so built up and lots of 3 storey houses we don't get to see as a rule. The house behind us was bathed in light and look at the majestic tree which towers over the house. That tree is in my neighbour's garden and it really is huge. Being a conservation area you have to get planning permission to have any tree pruned and that was only done professionally 2 years ago if that.

IMG_4240.jpg IMG_4246.jpg