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Thread: Space

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    I try and comment on every page that goes up ... doNot always manage it but I try ... And I know a lot of others do too. I think it’s true you do get to know people though if you are active on the boards and then when you know people and they know you you comment more. So many e that’s why it seems like it’s the same people.

    I’d love you to try posting again. It’s a smaller group now but we try to give lots of feedback and nice comments.

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    elainevking (22-05-2021)

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    I agree completely with what Scrapdolly said there. I too stopped uploading at one point because noone seemed to ever comment and it was such a bind resizing it all etc and with the three a day rule you couldnt even do it in batches.

    HOWEVER - since November or whenever it was that we had the big discussion, someone told me about 'forum spy' and i used that to see new posts since my last visit (its a blunt tool but you soon learn which forums and chats interest you) and I started joining in more on several threads and I have made some lovely new friends and generally got to know people (rather than just posting layouts) and of course that has two effects:
    1. you become friendly with these people so want to be supportive and see what they have done and therefore comment
    2. their layouts and pictures are much more interesting to you, since its people/animals/places and things that theyve done and have talked about, so its not just a page of a cat or whatever, it is their cat, that you have been hearing about its antics etc.

    Anyway, I find joining in more has been the answer and yes I too try to comment on all the pages if i can, but I tend to get behind and do it in batches - its a pleasant way to spend an hour, looking at and being inspired by these lovely pages and yes, leaving them some comments.

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    I confess I comment on loads and loads of layouts but if the people don’t bother to respond to mine, I gloss over them in the future. To spend considerable time saying nice things to other people and them ignoring everyone else is tiresome so I don’t do it.
    I completely agree that the more active you are the more you get to know others and the more comments you tend to get. It is lovely when people do take the time.
    I love your style Julia so do take the time to post again. X

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    Maria in France (22-05-2021)

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    This as not happened yet

    Sorry, but we have been OK in terms of storage (so long as my tech guy/husband does some routine maintenance) so I have been putting it off. I will look at this again before the start of 2022 (assuming UKS will still be active in 2022) and finally just do it in December.

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    I've just spotted this post from you, MaryAnne.
    I checked the size of the LOs I've uploaded, and they are generally comfortably under 100Kb, even double page LOs. Occasionally someone will comment and say they can't read the journalling, but apart from that I believe my LOs have a good enough resolution for most purposes.
    I post in the Snap thread too, and use much the same size there. Again I believe they are still at a good enough resolution for people to see the detail.

    I'm mentioning this only to highlight that maybe we can get away with uploading smaller files than we initially thought without losing detail, which would (hopefully) allow the space available to accommodate more files.
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    You need a much smaller resolution for a digital platform than you do for a print and there are a number of free apps that allow you to resize photos easily. I use one called Image Size and I set my pixel size to be 500 x 500. These end up fine, even on a large monitor, but would be noticeably pixelated in print.

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    I normally go for 300 - 400px and that still seems adequate, stitchinglady.

    I'm a member of Scrap Happens, in the Blue Brads House

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