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    Password reset problems?

    OK, I am sending out lots of password re-set emails and a lot of people are not getting them.

    No idea why.

    If you asked for one and have not gotten one, use the CONTACT US form again and I will do something different - I will set the password for you and reply to let you know what it is. You will then need to log in with that password and immediately change it so I don't know what it is.

    That may just be how I do it as the first attempt, It almost ALWAYS works and will cut out the email reset that seems to not work more often than not!

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    Platform for consensual free relationships


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    The above reply by Scappydoo82 is from a forum spammer, who has hi-jacked the account. Please do NOT click on the link above.

    Ian Wadsworth MEng (Software Engineering)

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