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Messing about on the river

by scrapdolly

Chainlink 3 OTBC

by thriftycrafter

Traffic Jam - ABC Challenge

by g61


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Aug week 1

by sharon1973

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Thread: August 2020

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    Hi Denise.. yes it’s quiet on here. I think we are all feeling the effects of lockdown.
    I know I am. I’m getting fed up of being at home now.

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    I’m here ! Just not been online so much. We’ve had movers here this week moving work stuff over to Lincoln, and the gym equipment that hubby and DS1 used, they are going to set it up at work instead. Hubby is having a good clear out of the garage and our sheds too, boy we have a lot of junk !!
    I went out in the garden first thing this morning to catch up on things before the heat got unbearable, now it’s just too much , hope we get some rain soon to cool it down a bit.
    Sheila, glad you got your bee photos. They are hard to catch, they don’t stay still do they ! The butterflies too.

    Well I’ve been keeping an eye on water For the horses. I topped one tub up yesterday afternoon and the lovely Neville spent ages splashing his nose Backwards and forwards in it Until it was half empty, then he tipped it up and spilled the rest silly pony.
    So here’s a happy, and water pic...


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    Oh gorgeous Alison. They do like water, don’t they.
    Having said that, DDs first phoney would walk a mile round a puddle, didn’t like it at all

    Here is me being happy keeping cool

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    Lovely photo Ellie.

    What a great photo Alison, lovely to see him enjoying the water. Our old boy keeps knocking his water bowl over, his eyesight is so bad now. The other one stands with his tail trailing in the water, we can't win.

    I can't type for long as my hand doesn't want to heal, the wrist isn't bad but the thumb joint has flared up now. The chiropractor did a brilliant job on my back yesterday, even she was surprised at how bad the sacroiliac joint was and that then causes problems right round to the hip. My neck feels better now and hubby had his back and neck done and his dizzy spells have gone down to just one today, so it may have just been his neck. I discussed it with our GP before we went and she thought it was worth trying because he isn't dizzy when his head turns left to right, just forward and back.

    Today was horrible. Without discussion with the family or us our neighbour was discharged to a care home and when I spoke to them about his rehabilitation, they said he's been sent out for 'end of life care.' I'm so angry and terribly upset about this as is his brother and SIL. The home he's been sent to was almost on the verge of closing 4 years ago and the owner had already had another nursing home closed prior to that. So tomorrow I will be speaking to them and ask about their standard of care now as CQC haven't been in since last year as far as I can tell. Meanwhile, I've been ringing round other care homes and will be speaking to his allocated social work tomorrow too.

    It's not even as if you can visit and check out a home before a loved one is sent out and we were all supposed to have a say about where he went and that didn't happen either. So if I'm not on here it is because I am worn out dealing with all of this, but we have to fight to get him the best care in the hope of getting him home again.

    Meanwhile, a little photo of our now 1 month old g-niece. I feel a scrapbook LO coming on ...and Baby Makes Three! I'm sure they won't mind me sharing this with you, it was a selfie taken in bed. I will be staggered if this baby isn't talking very early, the amount of incredible noises she makes is so funny.


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    Gosh Susie, what an intelligent looking baby. DH said she looks like she# posing for the camera.

    So sorry about your neighbour. That’s not the way it should be done.
    Everyone should be consulted about the situation and agree what the best solution is.
    Did you know that it was end of life pathway? I think that’s deplorable, not
    consulting with family. Hope you get some answers tomorrow.

    Glad your back feels better. DH is going tomorrow to have his back seen to.
    Rest your wrist if you can.

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