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    Disappointed ...or confused?

    I've been checking this forum lately and am really disappointed....or maybe confused is the better term.... at the lack of posts. According to the "What's Going On?" thing at the bottom of the main page, there are nearly 400 people online RIGHT NOW, yet very few posts. In fact many of the posts are from 2019 or even older! I remember a few (maybe more than a few) years ago, there were all sorts of posts: challenges (none since March!), ideas, general chat, and more....like about 50 per day. So what is everyone doing nowdays? I'm just getting back into crafting after moving house at the end of January, setting up my new craftroom, then getting stuck in with this isolation thing, and have now ordered a few new "toys" so am really spending time playing around with learning new techniques (thanks to YouTube, mostly). I've even managed to post a few things on my blog.

    Is there life out there? Or is something wrong with my browser? Are people mostly making cards, scrapbooking, art journalling, or something else? I know I can go to the US boards but would rather communicate with my home-girls.
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    Hi Jane, I think there are stills lots of challenges going on we have a Photogenics one starting soon. Have you checked out Inspiration and Challenges? Maybe the chat you're used to is on different threads, we are very chatty on 2020 snap thread, sometimes more chat than anything. If you like to take photo's come and join us there. We have the card challenge each month and are always looking for people to join in. Community chat is still going though I find I've said most of my chat on the snap thread.

    I know some forums had to be culled because of lack of funding but I still find lots to look at and to join in with if I only had the time to do it. MaryAnne has done a brilliant job of keeping the site going with help from her main stalwarts.

    I do know what you mean about the numbers on here. I come on last thing at night and there can be over 200 people on with just one or two members.

    A lot of members are doing the Off the Page at the moment, which is a nice way of seeing how talented everyone is in so many different ways.

    So do tell, what 'new toys' have you ordered? Lucky you, a new craft room, I have just been moaning to my DH that I need my craft room sorting with new units. I don't know how many times I had things falling off shelves and landing on my head.

    Others will find your post and tell you the best places to look for the sort of things you want to be involved with.

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    Hi Jane.
    UKS is not as busy as it used to be, we are quite a small community now but we are still active and having fun with challenges.
    We have a weekly challenge, a monthly, a monthly sketch, a monthly colour challenge, an ongoing ABC challenge, an ongoing scraplift - chain link challenge, as well as the SNAP , off the page and card challenges that Susie mentioned above.
    Teams now chat in social groups, accessed to the left of the screen and people do still upload layouts to the gallery on a regular basis, a great place for inspiration.
    As Susie said lots of chat goes on in the photography SNAP group, and also there is a daily chat Usually started by Sandra in the community forum. Take a look around, see what you can find and just join in
    If you need more help finding things just ask, we are a small but friendly bunch

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    Hi Jane, I remember you and am pleased to see you back.
    As Alison said there are few of us left, But those that are are committed dot this forum and we all get involved in challenges set by willing volunteers.
    There was a new format a couple of years ago and it took a bit of getting used to But it’s easy once you know how! I’m afraid I don’t believe there are 200 people logged in and yet only 2 are members..I believe those stats are skewed somewhat..but maybe I’m wrong?
    You will be very welcome to join in our chats on the Snap forum and the community chat amongst others. We look forward To seeing you there!
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    Hi Jane ... I remember you... welcome back ..

    We have worked really hard to keep UKS going. No it’s not as busy but a core of people have remained faithful over the years and are still active.

    As for challenges we have lots. People give of their time very freely to set challenges. We collect points, we share our work, we chat in groups. It is still a wealth of resources and I am proud that Sue and I have helped MA to keep it going.

    I hope when you look around you will see there most certainly are challenges, there is an active gallery and whilst you might not see a lot of chat as you haven’t been here for a while and presumably don’t belong to a team, there is plenty of chat going on. I can see the other ladies have helped you find some of things. I suggest you look in the challenges and inspiration forum. There are currently a dozen active challenges already this month which should keep you going for a while
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    Jane did you find the challenges - I wasn't sure if you had been back?

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