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    Quote Originally Posted by Shirley Anne View Post
    I'll keep an eye out on the Beta testing Group for when there is any progress on this Neries as I know a couple of the testers have had problems too. Will keep you posted if I see anything.
    Thank you Shirley. It's good to know it's not just me having the problem and hopefully a solution. My printer/scanner is a Canon Pixma MG5750 which I bought new in February 2018.

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    Hi All
    I've just updated my Silhouette to v 4.3 as I wanted to cut some fonts using vinyl. But I'm having a nightmare!

    I started cutting a few days ago and wanted to finish off cutting more today. But I had the message to upgrade just and I did.
    My mat setting is at none and I'm using backed vinyl.
    But the mat placements are all off. And I've had to rotate and mess about and its still not cutting where i expect it to.
    I have and A4 sheet and most of it is wasted.
    The simplest way to describe it is like the machine is now aligning everything to the far right rather than the far left.

    The odd thing is that on A4 with no mat it defaulted to showing the input arrow (showing direction of paper) as pointing to the left. When previously its always shown as top loading.
    Any help please appreciated as its driving me bonkers! Should have only been a simple task.

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    HExagon.jpgSilohouette 1.jpg
    Here are some photos of what I mean.

    I did a test pentagon and it should have cut on the left side of my vinyl. However it cut on the left side, off the vinyl and I cancelled the job so you can see where the blade was.
    Really don't know whats happened.

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    Try changing the orientation to landscape, you have it on portrait. This will bring the arrow back to the top.


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