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Thread: What happened?

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    just don't call me The Boss MaryAnne's Avatar
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    What happened?

    Hi guys,

    In trying to fix the occasional problem where people get notices that UKS is not secure, and updating the site certificate, something broke. It should be a simple process, to find all the URLs and change them from HTTP to HTTPS but it seems it is actually hard.

    Photopost, the Gallery software is no longer supported or updated or fixed in any way. And Photopost seems to be the problem at the moment. Once we track down where the URLs can be edited and make the change to HTTPS as the address (like we have done to dozens of URLs to make the fixes so far, it is just that easy) it should all be back to normal. Right now THE ONLY ERRORS are on Photopost pages.

    If you have problems, you can temporarily disable the security by clicking the warning triangle (Firefox) the NOT SECURE message in Chrome, my Safari works as expected and ... not sure what other browsers people use! Once you click you should see a way to DISMISS the security warning.

    Previously, updating the site certificate has been a pretty easy. Had I know this time it wold be SO different, I would have planned better for it. I'll update here again when everything is truly fixed.

    Sorry you had a day of crazy.

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    Thank you so much for working so hard on this MA

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    Thank you for your hard work on fixing the issues. I'm on Edge and all seems to be working fine this morning

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    Thank you Mary Anne.
    I tried early this morning and got a message that said,
    This page may be impersonating UKS in order to get your
    personal details. You should close this page now .
    I left it until just now, and it was back to normal !
    I’m on my iPad.

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    Once again - many thanks for all your hard work - and glad we are back to normal now.

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    Didn't understand a word of that MaryAnne, thank goodness we have you to sort it all, thank you so much we are lost without UKS.

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    Scrapping is my hobby Housework isn't Mary Buttons's Avatar
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    MaryAnne thank you so much for sorting it out for us we are so grateful as we love UKS and feel lost without it
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    Dedicated Scrapper alison 2's Avatar
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    MaryAnne, I’m glad there is someone who understands it all, because I find it just mind boggling !
    So pleased we are up and running again, we’re all lost without UKS
    Thankyou x

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    Chatty papercrafter elainevking's Avatar
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    Thanks MA. We are so grateful for your work, even if it is all gobbledegook to us!
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    just don't call me The Boss MaryAnne's Avatar
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    I would say UKS is now more secure than it was, even if we have not hit perfection. I think there might be the odd issue with images displayed on UKS from places like Flickr - only in the sense they kick out a MAY NOT BE SECURE warning but no worse than the level of security UKS has been operating at. We will keep looking at this, and let you know if any serious warnings or errors pop up.

    Obviously you should be as safe as you can be on any online space. THE SINGLE BIGGEST CHANGE you can make is to use a secure password generator and make NEW, UNIQUE passwords for every online log in. Having a universal password for ALL your online spaces is a mistake. Using a dictionary word or name is never a good idea.

    Oh and if you get an email from someone trying to blackmail you, claiming they have your password and captured you watching porn? It's a scam They may have gotten a password from some compromised site in your past, or some data leak/breach, but that only illustrates my point! Different, complex, unique, new passwords are the first line of safety. We use something called Splash ID, but there are loads of others, for password maintenance.

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