A variation on Scrap Whispers - this one needs a fast turnaround! Here's what you do ...

- I will post the original page to be scraplifted
- the first person to sign up agrees to complete and post their scraplift of my page within 3 days
- as soon as the second scraplift is posted someone can sign up to scraplift it, again they must post within 3 days
- if the 3 day deadline is missed then the chain is open to someone else

Here's a the chain might run ...

1. MiniOwner posts an original page
2 Ilovetoscrap adds a post to say she will scraplift MiniOwner's page within 3 days
3 Ilovetoscrap completes and posts her scraplift within the 3 day deadline
4 Iamtooslow says she will take the scraplift but doesn't manage to scraplift Ilovetoscrap's page within the 3 days leaving the chain open for a new player
5 Fastscrapper posts to say she will scraplift Ilovetoscrap's page and posts her layout the next day
6 the chain is now open to a new scraplifter to sign up ...

*** You may join the chain a maximum of 3 times in a month but only one chain-link at a time. ***

*** Points collectors can claim 30 points for each scraplift posted within the time limit.***

Do please try to keep the chains moving along, but if you miss one don't worry - we understand that life gets in the way sometimes. You can jump in the chain again whenever you are ready.