Standard Edition and above fixes

Silhouette Studio no longer crashes when Unicode characters are used in Library file names

This version also includes updates from SS4.2.430 -15 Mar 2019

Standard Edition and above fixes


Newly pasted items are now selected as expected
New preference within Tools to decide whether newly pasted items should be selected or not - "New Shape Becomes Selected" is selected by default
Right-clicking an empty space no longer deselects all before opening the context menu
Fixed an issue where ‘Scale By’ was not scaling by the expected amount
Right-click “Show Registration Marks” is no longer greyed out
Advanced Fill Gradient handles can now be removed via a new right-click context menu or by the new 'x' icon
Line effects can now be opened in Standard Edition once saved
Terminology updates for file extension within the File > Open dropdown
Panel menu order has been updated
.Studio3 will no longer appear on the operating system’s title bar
Label for the "Enable Performance Improvement data collection" preference has been reinstated
Buttons are now greyed out correctly in the pop-up panel when no shapes are selected
Removed unexpected blue box that appeared in 'Restore Factory Defaults' window
Minor UI update to document tab toolbar

Fixed an issue where some users could not sync to the library correctly
File directory is now shown when hovering over library thumbnails
Added a ‘Select All’ option and label to the Library’s File Types dropdown menu
The ‘Are you sure?’ prompt no longer appears twice when deleting snapshots
Library designs are now marked as “Seen” when the expanded thumbnail is opened
Email addresses now truncate if too long to display within library menu

The Silhouette AutoBlade will no longer readjust after each row within Action by X if the blade settings for each row are the same
Fixed an issue where cut lines were defaulting to 'No Cut'