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    Dedicated Scrapper soojay's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    East Anglia
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    I have been here nearly as long as Dolly. I am Sue Jones ( Soojay) - Joined in 2003 about the same time I started to scrapbook - my children were little at the time - not so easy to get photographs of them now!. I still love scrapbooking and card making and joining in the swaps on here. I have recently started to make my own jewellery too. I work full time at the local high school, initially as a TA but the last 7 years in behaviour support and counselling. I love my job but it is full on. Married for 34 years ( next month - hubby needs to buy me an Opel ). I have three grown up children all with learning/medical difficulties and I used to post in the "support" thread here.
    I am looking forward to getting my papers out and joining in the fun as its been a while.

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    Crafty Lady Crafty Lady's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
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    Hi ladies, some of you know me, but some don't. My name is Sheila and I live in Norfolk. I lost my DH nearly 2 years ago (in June) and we didn't have any children. We did have 2 cats, but lost one of them in 2012. I have recently moved house - and downsized big-time. Haven't done much crafting since before Christmas because of moving and I am just about ready to start doing some now. I don't work - my DH & I ran our own business from 2005 - 2012 but then DH became ill and we gave up. I had to become his carer until he died. I am going out with a friend on the 6th May, but as we've got the week to catch up I'm planning to do as much as I can. I've been a member of UKS for a few years, and used to do all the challenges and I'm hoping to start up again now my craft room is usable.

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    Dedicated Scrapper Maggie B's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    In a barn on top of Darley Moor.
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    Hi Ladies, it's lovely to see so many friendly faces on here already.
    I'm Maggie, I am a Brit (no kids, but one extremely spoiled female German Shepherd, M'selle Fleur) and have lived in Europe since 1984 firstly in Bavaria, Germany and since 1996 in Normandy, France. My husband's (I refer to him as the Senior Partner or SP for short) job in the computer industry took us to Germany and I had a small gift shop for a few years.
    He retired at age 49 and we moved here to restore a part 16th part 18th century former Presbytere, it took us about 2 years to do the major structural and decorative work, we had the roof replaced a few years later.
    Since moving here we have dabbled in the antiques business selling French faience on ebay for about 5 years and still work with other collectors to find special pieces for their collections, I try and refrain from buying any more for myself!
    I have been scrapbooking since 2008, joined UKS in 2012. I come onto the forums almost every day just to see what's going on and to chat with my Scrap Happy teamies. I mostly scrap pix of places we go to here in France, holidays and family.
    My scrapping mojo recently went walkabout for a couple of months but is gradually sidling back into action. I've told the SP that he will have to fend for himself on the 6th as I'll be otherwise engaged, we're off to Crete for a holiday on the 11th so I'll have to make the most of the weekend.
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    Dedicated Scrapper KarenJD's Avatar
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    Hi folks. I'm Karen and I too am in Education - I'm a primary school teacher. I live in Scotland with my DH and our two fur babies who feature heavily in my scrapbooking.

    I have been scrapping since 2004 and joined UKS after the friend who got me started suggested I have a look. I love to chat to like minded folks and have made some great friends.

    I am really looking forward to Saturday's crop and have been busy getting myself organised so I wont have any schoolwork getting in the way! Well that is the plan anyway lol.

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    Gill Gill2's Avatar
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    Hi All, My DH is away all weekend so i intend to move the dining room table into the lunge and scrap all day! DD1 can walk the dogs and DD2 will be at work...... Pizza from the new pizza take away on the high street for tea.

    I am an honorary member of scrappy cats team, not qualifying for full membership becasue i can't master how to upload my layouts! I scrap one layout a week (it's on my task list....!) I am currently working on an album for DD1 who will be 21 on June 5th.
    I am a primary teacher but have a found a way to avoid the hassle and stress and still enjoy my job so don't see me retiring. I only do 2 1/2 days a week anyway. I've been teaching 30 years and I teach as I did before the national curriculum came in. We have great fun! Both the kids and i love it and I even get paid for it! Result i say!

    Looking forward to Saturday and thank you to everyone for putting it all together. I know it takes a lot of organisation so thank you very much.

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    Hello all. I'm Susan and I too have an education background having worked as a teacher and then headteacher for almost 40 years! I have been retired for 5 years now and am enjoying having time to scrap, run crops and retreats and work a bit behind the scene here on UKS.

    I'm not sure how much I'll be able to get online to chat on Saturday as we have our IRL crop on the same day but we'll be excitedly downloading the classes and challenges as ScrapDolly does her hourly post.

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    Scrapping is my hobby Housework isn't Mary Buttons's Avatar
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    wow so many of you are in or have been in education that is amazing.
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    Dedicated Scrapper sylphraven's Avatar
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    Hi all **waves** I'm K (aka Kirsty but hardly anyone ever calls me that), I'm a Maternal Engineer, for those who dont know thats a posh way of saying stay at home mom I have 3 kiddie winkles, each 9 years apart, the youngest being 19 months old. I havent been on UKS as much as I used to as little one & life in general has taken over. I seem to have to tidy & more so clean up so much more now, & I'm not the sort to obsess or actually do any housework unless I have to but my spare time tends to be dedicate to crafting.

    I used to work as admin at a Childrens Daycare before having to leave due to mental health (I suffer with social anxiety & agoraphobia which, while I think they'll always be with me, I'm at a stage where they dont limit my life so much), so I kind of have links with education, lol.

    I've been scrapping for about 10 years now, but still feel like a beginner as theres always new fashions & techniques to explore.
    UKS brought my teamies (the Chatty Scrappers) together & we've all become good friends, with fairly regular meet ups.

    Saturday is my birthday so I probably wont be able to join in too much with the natter but its a good excuse to craft more during sunday & the following week to join in the challenges, I'm so looking forward to it!

    House Leader (along with furrypig)
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    Dedicated Scrapper Claire59's Avatar
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    Hi I am Claire, I used to digiscrapbook and joined UKS in 2015, but stopped scrapbooking when my computer broke, so didn't stay on UKS long. I have just joined quirky kits subscription and was directed to here for the Events on Saturday. I do project life, a planner and as I have now started paper scrapbooking I will be doing 12 by 12 layouts to sit in my project life album and will be doing some 8 by 8s to finish off an album I started a couple of years ago.

    I am in my sixties, I am carer for my son who is in his 20's and am free during the day 3 days a week when he is at his day centre/sheltered workplace. My husband and I have been married for 29 years and our eldest son lives in the north east.
    I am not sure how much of Saturday's events I will be able to take part in but will catch up on Sunday which is traditionally a chill out day in our house.

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    Dedicated Scrapper Maggie B's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
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    Hi Claire, great to have you on board for the crop and welcome back to UKS. Spookily enough I took out quirky kits subscription just this morning, the May/June kit looks great and I'm looking forward to receiving it at the end of the month.
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    Dedicated Scrapper
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    Hi Ladies, I am Chris, we moved to the North East of Scotland 22 years ago this month from Cheshire, and I joined UKS around 2006. I used to do lots of LO, social stories and Mini books with my Autistic Daughter Sarah who used photo's to communicate, sadly we lost her 3 years ago but with the help of my teamies, the Secret Swappers I didn't totally lose the plot, I don't do that many LO now but still craft a lot, I love swaps, Art Journaling, small mixed media projects and altering. We have a terrible internet and my laptop hates me so I don't upload much but I am trying to sort that problem out.. I am an early bird and love to go out in my garden for my first coffee of the day at this time of year, usually around 5 am.. We look after our DGD Becca who is 6 and also loves to craft, my kitchen table is always full of her crafting stuff. Saturday is my me time day and the family are not allowed to come so I am really looking forward to the cyber crop, I have cleared my desk and am ready to go
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    Dedicated Scrapper Maggie B's Avatar
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    Had a little panic whilst checking the supplies needed thread, had to get Amazon to send an emergency pack of plain white cardstock! It's just been delivered, thank goodness ����
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    Chatty papercrafter elainevking's Avatar
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    Phew..that's a result Maggie!
    Hi Chris.. So Sorry to hear of your loss. Let's hope the laptop doesn't hate you when you need to upload your crop LOs.
    Hi Claire..welcome back. I remembered you moved a year or two ago..have you settled in ok?
    Hi K..hope you have a lovely birthday. I did have a wry smile at your comment about 'spare time'..with three kiddiwinks in sure you don't have much of that
    Waves to everyone else.
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    Just hand over the chocolate, and nobody gets hurt. thriftycrafter's Avatar
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    Is this a public thread?
    I'm looking forward to joining in on Saturday and beyond.
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    Happily Scrapping for Scrap Happy

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    Desperately seeking scraptime.... CoventryAnn's Avatar
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    Good to read all about everyone. My DH is a wood turner (I bought him a lathe for Christmas 2 years ago to stop him moaning about me scrapbooking all the time, now he spends a lot of time in the garage messing about with wood and I get to scrapbook in peace! ) He is out all day at a turning class on Saturday, so I'm looking forward to making a huge mess on the kitchen table where I craft.
    As it's SATs next week for year 6, I can have the weekend off marking and planning too.
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