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    Attaching and deleting - a quick tutorial

    The way things get attached or embedded in vB4 is different. I'll pin this for the time being, but it's just different, not difficult


    If you want to attach an image you have a couple of options. There is no significant difference between them.

    • using the IMG tag img.jpg will attach either by adding a URL or by uploading an image from your computer. This is always available to you in the Quick Reply box
    • using the Manage Attachments option in the full editor will ALSO embed the image.


    This is different to how it was before. If you CUT & PASTE the [ attach=config ] code where you want it, the image will appear there, rather than always appearing at the end of the post.

    FOR THE MOMENT there is no longer the ability to click an image to see it full size. When attaching, if you click the blue ? you can see the filetypes we allow as attachments and what the max size allowed is:


    I have an idea that might fix this but need to test it out.

    FILES (like GSD, Studio, ZIP) will still appear as an attachment to download at the bottom. I've added a set of PL printables here to demo. Clearly I have the GSD setting too high and that has been corrected.

    If you attach an image anywhere on the site, it will appear in that box under the file list so you can attach the same image to multiple posts without uploading it many times.


    This is harder than it should be in this version of vB!

    Just deleting the [ attach = config ] code will NOT remove the image. If you click
    MANAGE ATTACHMENTS in the edit post screen you will see the box with the image from the post in the bottom section.


    if you hover over the X you will see it triggers DELETE - click the X to delete the image then remove the [ attach = config ] code, all of it. That will remove the image.

    YOU MUST HAVE ADDITIONAL TEXT IN THE POST. If the post is JUST the image, it won't delete it because you can have a totally blank post.

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    I am the penguin, Koo koo ka choo __TJ__'s Avatar
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    ok photobucket seems to want to watermark their images now.... is there an alternative?
    Last edited by __TJ__; 02-01-2021 at 11:06 PM.
    I Live in Canada I got three kids, two dogs and "some" hens. 🐓 oh and three goats!!! And I make cheese now. Blessed are the cheesemakers. 🧀🐐🐐🐐🦆🦆
    "Not worse is almost as good as better" Terry Pratchett speaking about altzimers, but it works for Aspergers too.

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    Are you looking to attach additional images, TJ? Mary Buttons uses flickr. I have never got the hang of it!

    Team Leader of Scrappycats My blog

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