In 2010 we ran a Minibook, year long event. We published a series of MiniBook pages each week.

On a rotating basis, a page from each style was published every Monday. There were 5 different "styles" - The page size were all the same for each style so the minibooks will work.

1. Freestyle/Artsy - this a more messy and experimental (basically 6x6 but some shaped pages)

2. Simple - think Cathy Z and Simple Scrapbooking at it's best. (6x8 landscape)

3. Vintage - shabby chic, distressed, Tim Holtz-y (6x8 portrait)

4. Kid Friendly - as it says, more playful and fun-loving style (6x6)

5. Pretty, pretty - flowery, glittery, blingy (6x6)

What we said:

The focus is on TECHNIQUE rather than a particular colourway or paper line, so the different designers will not matter. You can, but don't have to, make the exact page with the same papers shown, but can follow the page layout and the technique with what papers you have. This way you can coordinate YOUR book regardless of what the designed page looks like. You are free to pick a mix of pages from across all 5 styles OR make only the pages in the style you like best OR make all 5 mini-books over the course of the year. You can even just make the "technique" and bring it to a layout!

The designers have been asked to design to a particule size for each book, but as each one shares a 6 inch measurement you should be able to mix in pages from each book or convert the pages to your chosen size, if you prefer.