Kids MiniBook PDF

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Another one with minimal instructions:

It's a great page to really get the kids involved in! Although Kathy doesn't specifically say so, I think it would be fun to let the child spatter the paint to make the background. If they spatter a whole 12 x 12 sheet (and probably some of you and the kitchen!) you can easily select the bit you like best for the background.
Materials used:
  • Light coloured cardstock
  • Acrylic paints in several colours
  • thick letter stickers
  • small word plaque
  • Journaling pen

There are no real "instructions" for this page other than to spatter slightly runny acrylic paint onto cardstock (Kathy's is embossed, adding some nice extra texture), then add your photo, title, journaling.

You can also experiment with other techniques to make the page match the art - what about crayon scribbles, or stamped circles or the rolling marble or bubbly paint playgroup favourites? They would all work well for a page like this!