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    Fonts to Die For

    There are loads of fonts that are close matches to various sets of dies or stickers or rub-ons so you can use them for printed titles or machine cut your own versions ... and you need never run out of "e"s again!



    Stickers and Rub-Ons

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    Sizzix Fonts

    Aphrodite Too Many Secrets

    Azure Charlie, Normal

    Big Top Kitty Weed

    Bounce Ian Jude

    Boxed Brush Goombella (not boxed) or Just One More Picture

    Bozo Milk Top Girl

    Cherish Do I like Stripes?


    Fruit Smoothie Free version of Futura Extra Bold

    Funky Brush Want You Back

    Girls Are Weird Girls Are Weird

    Graffiti Put Another One In

    Lollipop Pen Tip DT Bold (free version)

    Monkey Tails Only By Request


    Nouveau Hiccups


    Rat-a-tat PC Ratatat

    Round-a-Bout American Typewriter Bold (not exact but free)


    Slim Jim Carrington

    Stencil Stencil Gothic is a close match

    Wet Paint Teacher's Pet

    Block Party



    Curlie Girlie Missed Your Exit


    Junk Drawer

    Mac 'n' Cheese Stays in the Cave

    Serif Stencil

    Snickle Script

    Sunset Glider Girls

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    QuicKutz Fonts - WIP - to be checked and linked

    CK Handprint - CK Handprint (Porch Swing Publishing/Primedia)

    CK Newsprint - CK Newsclips (Primedia)

    CK Typist - CK Typist or CK Stenography (Primedia)

    Eliza - P22 Victorian Swash (pirates: Goodfellows, Bluegum Forest,
    Burton's Nightmare)

    Emily--Pointed Brush Regular (Typadelic)

    Empire Rusticana Roman (Alltype)

    Frankie - Snoopy Snails NF (Nick Curtis)

    Gidget - Pen Tip DT Bold (DTP Types)

    Ginger - Sunnydale (Typadelic)

    Honey - Chauncy Fatty (formerly Chumley Fatty) (Chank)

    Indigo - Ondine (Brendel Informatik/SoftMaker) or Formal Script 421

    BT (Bitstream)

    Katie - Font Diner Sparkly (Font Diner) (freeware)

    Khaki - Benderville (Patricia Lillie)

    Maggie - Retrofit Bold (Joe VanDer Bos)

    Marisa - Lucida Handwriting (Bigelow & Holmes)

    Olivia - Stovetop (Font Diner)

    Paige - P22 Garamouche

    Phoebe - Limehouse Script LET

    Roxy - Showcard Moderne (Font Bureau)

    Stiletto - Stiletto (Font Diner)

    Studio Classic - Futura Medium Condensed (var. foundries, Elsner + Flake)

    Sonja - Rage Italic LET

    Sophie - Chocolate Mint Surprise BV (Blue Vinyl)

    Star - Comic Strip Poster Regular (Agfa Monotype)

    Venus - Ravie (Font Bureau)

    Zelda - Jokerman (ITC)

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    Stickers & Rub-Ons - WIP

    Basic Grey monogram font

    -- Copper Black BT

    -- Garamond (this version of Apple Garamond is free)

    -- Egg Cream is another good choice, if you can find it.

    An Accidental Kiss- EK Success Bookworks stamps
    A Little Pot- Karen Foster Handwritten alpha rubons
    Amazing Ruler- DONT KNOW THIS ONE YET
    Annoying Kettle- DONT KNOW THIS ONE YET
    Apple Scruffs- Making Memories Philadepia Foam Stamps
    Artistamp- Basic Grey Rub Ons
    Auburn - Sue Dreamer Letter Stickers
    Baby Browser- Creative Imaginations Teri Martin Tall alpha stickers
    (The)Blue Cabin- Wordsworth Italic alphabet stamps
    Boring Showers- Rob and Bob Studio "Funny" alphabet rub ons
    Bosshole- Deja Views Liberty lettering
    Butterfinger- QK Calvin Die Cut Alphas
    Cafe Rojo- Basic Grey Letter Stickers
    Chewy Stewy - KI Memories Bubble Letter Stickers
    Cooper Black BT- Basic Grey Monograms (Also Apple Garamond & Egg Cream)
    Courtney Dorkling-font from Domino Magazine
    Cry Kitty- Lil' Davis chipboard alpha
    Crushed out girl pen: Doodlebug rubons
    Digs My Heart- Creative Imaginations Cursive Cursive foam stamps
    Doodolonomy Fred - Mrs. Grossman's Caryl Letter Stickers
    Dreamed About You - Doodlebug Expressions Rub Ons
    Dream Orphans- Artic Frog look alike
    Eight Fifteen- Wordsworth cursive alphabet stencil/template
    Elise - KI Memories Alphabet Soup acrylic letters
    Everytime I Miss You- Doodlebug Doodleblocks letter stickers
    Ex Rounded Bold- KI Font
    Fontastic- School alphabet stickers--creative imaginations?
    Fontmoochers- DONT KNOW THIS ONE YET
    For The One Hundreth Time!- DONT KNOW THIS ONE YET
    Freeze- Postmodern Design Curly alpha stamps
    Gentle Redhead- Lil' Davis clay alphabet
    Goombella- Wordsworth Ragged Brush stamps
    Grace-Doodlebug Expressions All Mixed Up/Alphadots Match Stick
    Greer- Making Memories Philadelphia foam stamps
    Guess What- KI Memories Modern Tattoo stickers
    Hello Sark- Wordsworth foundation alphabet stencil/template
    Hey Gorgeous- Fontwerks Popjoy
    Highland Perk- Stacy Julian handwriting
    His Name Is Honey- TLC Candid stickers
    Hobbes - Penny Black Kate Stamps
    Honey Bunches-American Crafts Sarah Script stickers
    House Sitter's Club- Wordsworth Jester alpha stencil
    Hula Skirt Girl- DONT KNOW THIS ONE YET
    Hyrule - Wordsworth Free Brush Stamps
    I Love Derwin- Britney Mellen handwriting?? (ck editor)
    I'm Bored- Loopy alphabet rub-ons, Image Tree Loopy alpha
    Impervious- Rob and Bob Studio "Coco" alphabet rub ons
    Jailbird Jenna-K & Co. boy scout alpha stickers
    Kitty Weed- Sizzlets Big Top die cut alphabet
    Kravitz Thermal- Three Bugs in a Rug Jovial Monograms
    Kwekel- Me and My Big Ideas Curly alphabet stickers
    Landie - Penny Black Kate Brush stamps
    Larger Mime- Deja Views Raindrops lettering
    Lima Bean- Heidi Grace Structure alphabets, rubons & acrylic letters
    MA Sexy- Making Memories Heidi Rub Ons (Or SF Remember)
    Mandingo- Pressed Petals Chip Chatter Hip
    Markus the Cow - Accucut Sky Scraper die cut alphabet
    Micheals- Mustard Moon look alike
    Milk & Cereal - Creative Imaginations Teri Martin's Casual stickers
    Mr. Wade- Wordsworth Fancy Italic alpha stencil
    Ms To Try A Bon?-Deja Views Sweetheart lettering
    My Nerd- Teri Martin Brush alpha stickers/stamp set--creative
    Never Writes Back-EK success Bookworks monogram rub ons
    No Mystery- Hampton arts Beloved stamp set
    Not His Angel- Wordsworth Chameleon stickers
    OH {photo} shoot - Polar Bear Press alpha stickers
    Pass The Chex- Doodlebug party mix rubons/stickers
    Peabody- Heidi Grace Acrylic Letters
    Prissy Frat Boy - Making Memories Misunderstood foam stamps
    Purple Boxers - KI Memories Pieces of Me rub ons
    Rage- 7 Gypsies Fifth Avenue rub ons
    Rebekah's Birthday- Fontwerks Corina (Elsie Flanigan) stamps
    Rhino Dino - Accucut Clairabelle die cut alphabet
    Ribbon Happy- Bo Bunny Press Polka Dot Alphabet stickers
    Sandals- Wordsworth Pointillism stamps
    Searching- Lil Davis rubons
    Sisters- Hampton Art Swanky Script stamps
    Smitten Kitten-Wordsworth double letter alphabet stencil/template
    Snowshoe - Fontwerks Hand Scripted stamps
    Socially Awkward-Tech. Tues. Reminisce stamps
    Southern Accent Belch- Rebecca Sower Script
    Super Shorty Laughter- DONT KNOW THIS ONE YET
    Susie's Hand - Ali Edward's Handwriting
    Sweet Blur- Wordsworth Stilts stickers
    Tan Patty- American Crafts Gumby Stickers
    Teen- Scenic Route Chipboard Letters
    The Buns- Heidi Grace Spectrum Alphabet Rubons
    The Doorman- Chatterbox Alpha stickers
    Thinking Of You- MM Heidi Swapp rub ons
    Three Dates, One Night - Autumn Leaves Nicola Rub ons
    Tingle Institute- The Paper Studio "sophie" alpha stamps
    Too Much Paper! - Accucut Maxwello die cut alphabet
    Tootlebug- KI Memories Disco Dots stickers
    Turtle Club- Deluxe Designs "margie's own" alpha stickers
    Unnamed Melody- Teri Martin Script alpha stickers--creative imaginations
    Vaguely Repulsive-Melanie Bauer handwriting
    Wanda's Write- Rhonna Farrer "sew scrappea" digi kit letters
    Wasted Collection- Precious Moments font
    Waterfalls- Doodlebug Fancy Pants Alphabet stickers
    You All Everybody- Everyday with Rachel Ray magazine font
    You Wish You Were Shirley- Sassafrass Lass Mockingbird stamps

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