Here are a few links for how to emulate letterpress effects with other things.

A nice , if perhaps time-consuming, effect from the blog A bit of this, A bit of that

Another faux letterpress tutorial using a hot glue gun!

Examples using SU texture plates and a Big Shot - and here is a tutorial for using the plates

Reverse letterpress techniques using the Cuttlebug folders ( a raised rather than debossed image with the background debossed and coloured)

I have had some success with chalk ink pads lightly pounced on to the RAISED side of the Cuttlebug folders which gives a more letterpress like effect

Faux letterpress using Glimmer Mist screens from Tattered Angels - this has been removed from the blog, but the text, if not the images, are still in the Wayback Machine - if anyone decides to have a go, be sure to share so we can add photos here.