Dictionary definitions are still popular in scrapbooking and can be used to make embellishments just by printing them in interesting fonts.

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Adore (a·dore) 1.to worship or honor as a deity or as divine 2. to regard with loving admiration and devotion 3.to be extremely fond of

Admire ( ad·mire ) 1.to marvel at 2.be pleased by 3.respect

Abundance ( a·bun·dance ) 1. a more than plentiful quantity of something 2. large amount

Adventure (ad-ven-ture) 1. a daring, hazardous undertaking 2. an unusual, exciting, often suspensful experience.

[ad-ven-ture] an unusual, exciting, often romantic experience

Accomplish (ac·com·plish ) 1. to succeed in doing or achieving something 2. reach point in time: to arrive at the end of a period of time

Accept ( ac·cept ) 1. take something offered 2. to reply in the affirmative to an invitation 3. to acknowledge that something is true 4. to acknowledge a fact or truth and come to terms with it

Acclaim (ac·claim) 1.praise somebody lavishly 2. to praise somebody or something publicly with great enthusiasm 3.to demonstrate enthusiastic approval by shouting and cheering

Achieve (e-che-v) 1. to complete some expectation sucessfully 2. to obtain or reach one set out to do

Agape (a·ga·pe) 1. nonsexual love: love that is wholly selfless and spiritual 2.Christian love: selfless love felt by Christians for their fellow human beings

Angel (An*jel)1. a messentger of God 2. cahracterized by having wings and ahalo 3. one that is perfect, good and beautiful 4. one sent to watch over and protec; guardian

Angry ( an·gry ) 1. feeling very annoyed 2. feeling extremely annoyed, often about an insult or a wrong

Artistry ( art·ist·ry ) 1. the creative ability and skill of an artist, or the expression of this 2. great ability and skill in doing something

Auspice(aus·pice) omen: a sign or token for the future, especially a happy or promising one

Auspire (e-spir) 1. to seek after 2. ambitious ethusism in seeking one's goal

Automobile (au·to·mo·bile) 1.a road vehicle, usually with four wheels and powered by an internal-combustion engine, designed to carry a small number of passengers

Autumn ( ot-em )1. the season also known as fall; coming between summer and winter 2. including the months of september, october, and november 3. characterized by the changing leaves, the return of school and a time of gratitude


Beauty ( beau·ty)1. pleasing and impressive qualities 2. the combination of qualities that make something pleasing and impressive to listen to or touch, or especially to look at

Beautiful ( byoot-e-ful) 1. pleasingly attractive phsical appearance 2. lovely; fine to behold 3. delicate and favorable

Becoming ( be·com·ing) 1.attractively suitable for somebody’s appearance 2. showing somebody to advantage

Believe ( be·lieve ) 1. to accept that something is true or real 2. to have faith in 3. acept as fact

BeliEve (be*lieve) to have faith

BeliEve (be*lieve) 1.to put ones trust in 2. to accept on as fact 3. to have faith in

Birth (burth) 1. the act of biring a child into the world 2. bringing forth offspring 3. the beginning of anything 4. newness of life

Birthday (berth-da)the day of a person's birth

Birthday (birth·day) 1. day of birth 2. the day on which somebody is born 3. the day in each year that is the anniversary of the day somebody was born

Blessed (bles-id) 1. holy, sacred, fortunate; blissfil 2. recipent of goodness

Bliss(blis) 1. great happiness 2. spiritual joy

Bliss (blis) 1. perfect happiness 2. a state of spiritual joy

Boating (boat·ing)riding in a boat for pleasure

Boyfriend (boy·friend) intimate male friend: a man with whom somebody has a romantic or sexual relationship

Bright (brit) 1. shinning with light 2. briliant in color or soung; vivid 1. lively and cheerful 4. favorable; hopeful 5. illustrations

Bright (brit) 1. radiant with happiness smilling faces, moments 2. radiating or reflection light 3. of high saturation or brilliance

Bride (brid) a women on or before her wedding day

Brothers ( broth·er ) 1. male sibling: a boy or man who has the same father and mother as another person

Burp ( burp )1. noise made through mouth 2. make baby bring up gas


Calm (calm) 1. without anxiety or strong emotion .2 worry free

Cats (cat) 1. furry animal that purrs and meows: a small domesticated mammal that has soft fur, sharp claws, pointed ears, and, usually, a long furry tail. Cats are widely kept as pets or to catch mice

Catcher(catch·er)1. player positioned behind batter 2. the baseball player who stands behind home plate, signals for pitches, and catches pitched balls that have not been hit by the batter.

Celebrate (sel-e-brat) 1. preform as a ritual 2. to commemorate with festivity 3. to do honor 4. have a good time

Cherub (cher*eb) 1. a type of angel characterized as a chubby, rose cheeked child with wings 2. a child with a sweet, innocent face

Chemistry (chem·is·try) 1. study of transformation of matter: a branch of science dealing with the structure, composition, properties, and reactive characteristics of substances, especially at the atomic and molecular levels.

Cherish (cher-ish)1. to hold dear 2. to treasure, adore, value and love 3. to keep deeply in mind

to treasure, adore, value, and love

Clarity ( clar·i·ty) 1. expressed clearly 2. the quality of being clear, pure, or transparent

Coach (koch)1. a trainer or instructor 2. one of significant experience and knowledge to mentor and teach regarding a specific activity

Commitment (kemit-ment) 1. to dedicate oneself to something or someone 2. duty;promise

to dedicate oneself to something or someone

Computer (com·put·er ) 1. an electronic device that accepts, processes, stores, and outputs data at high speeds according to programmed instructions

Conceive (con·ceive) 1. to form an idea or concept of something in your mind 2. to produce something from the mind such as an emotion

Cornucopia (kor-nyoo-kp-pe-a) 1. a horn shaped basket overflowing with a fresh harves 2. abundance

Crabby ( crab·by) grouchy: bad tempered or irritable in character

Create (cre·ate) 1. to bring somebody or something into existence2. o produce something as a result, or make something happen

Create (kre-at) 1. to originate 2. to make an idea become reality 3. an original work

Cry (kri) 1. a loud and passionate explantion of emotion 2. an expression of pain or sadness, usually accompanied by tears

Culture (kul-cher) 1. the skills and arts, of given people in a given period of civilization


Dance (dans) to move one's body and feet to the rhythm of music

Defeat (de-fet) 1. to win victory over 2. fall at the hand of a rival

Delight (de·light) 1.great joy and pleasure 2. gain great enjoyment or pleasure from something

Delight (di-lit) 1. intense happiness 2. enjoyment; something very pleasing

to give great pleasure

Delight (di-lit) 1. to give great pleasure 2. to rejoice, or be highly pleased

Destiny (des·ti·ny) 1. somebody’s preordained future 2. inner realizable purpose of a life

Destination (des-te-na-shen) 1. the plave of which one is seeking 2. the end of the path

Diamond ( di-a-mond) a nearly pure. brilliant, crystaline carbon, the hardes mineral know to man 2. a gem signifiing a marraige union

Divine (di·vine) 1. having godlike nature 2. pleasing or attractive

Discover ( di-skuv-er ) 1. to be the first to fien 2. to learn of the existance

Dogs (dog) domestic animal that barks: a domestic carnivorous animal that typically has a long muzzle, pointed ears, a fur coat, and a long fur-covered tail, and whose characteristic call is a bark

Dream ( drem) 1. visual segments created by one's subconscious mind during sleep 2. the desire of one's heart 3. a found hope

Dream (drem) 1. a daydream 2. images passing though a sleeping person's mind 3. to search and seek out

Drool (drool) 1. to let saliva dribble from the mouth 2. to show excessive appreciation of something or somebody really liked or wanted 3. to talk nonsense or foolishness


Effective (ef·fec·tive) 1. producing a result 2. especially the desired or intended result 3. successful, especially in producing a strong or favorable impression on people

Energy (en·er·gy) 1. liveliness and forcefulness 2. a vigorous effort or action

Eclectic (e·clec·tic) 1. varied 2. choosing what is best or preferred from a variety of sources or styles

Essence (es·sence) the quality or nature of something that identifies it or makes it what it is 2. basic feature: the most basic element or feature of something

Ease (ease) 1. lack of difficulty in doing or achieving something 2. lack of awkwardness

Embody ( em·bod·y ) 1. to give a tangible or visible form to something abstract 2. to gather and organize a number of things into a whole

Equality (e·qual·i·ty) 1. state of being equal

Encourage (en·cour·age) 1. give somebody hope or courage to 2. to urge somebody in a helpful way to do or be something

Enduring (en-door-in) 1. lasting; permanent 2. continuing on until the end

Enjoy (en-joy) 1. to obtain pleasure from; relish 2. to have thte sue or benifit of 3. to enjoy oneself.

Essential (e-sen-shel) 1. basic; the essence of something 2. absolute necessities, indispensible

Eternal (e-ter-nul ) 1. eithout begining or end; everlasting 2. neverchanging 3. neverstopping 4. something timelss, uninteruppted

Excitement ( ik-sit-ment) 1. enthusiasm for the new 2. the action for energizing 3. to create an emotional response for

Expedition ( eks-pe-dish-en) 1. a voyage or journey for the purpose of exploration or battle 2. trek facing unforseseeable circumstances

Experience (ek-spir-e-ens) 1. the act of living through an event 2. knowledge and skill gained through learning

Excursion (eks-kur-zhen) 1. a short journey specifically for pleasure 2. jaunt

Explore (ek-splor) 1. to investigate and examine soemthing carefully 2. travel in a little know region 3. to search and seek out


Family (fam·i·ly) 1. people living together 2. group of people who are closely related by birth, marriage, or adoption 3. People who love each other

Fanciful ( fan·ci·ful) 1. based on imagination or dreams 2. imaginative and impractical

Fine (fine) 1.very well or satisfactory 2. in a good, acceptable, or comfortable condition

Fishing (fish·ing) 1. catching fish: the sport, industry, or occupation of catching fish

Foliage (fo*le*ij) 1. leaves on a plant or tree 2. brilliant in color during the fall months

Forever (for-ev-er) 1. for always, eithout end 2. without the bonds of time; eternal

Free (fre-e) 1. not controlled 2. not restricted 3. no cost

Freedom ( fre-dem ) 1. having independence from civil and political oppression 2. exemption from any obligation, pain or discomfort 3. a right or privilege

Fresh (fresh) 1. recnetly made, grown 2. not spoiled 3. not tired, lively 4, new, recent 5. innocent


Friendship (frend-ship) 1. the state of being friends 2. a mutual union or bond felt between people who care deeply for one another

Frustrate (frus·trate) discourage: to make somebody feel discouraged, exasperated, or weary

Fun (fun) 1. lively, joyous play or playfulness; pleasure 2. a source of amusement


Gallant (gal·lant) 1. courteous 2. brave, spirited, and honorable

Garden (gar·den) 1.planted area of ground 2. a plot of ground where plants such as fruits, vegetables, and flowers are grown

Getaway (get-away) 1. to break away 2. the art of escaping

Giggle (gig*el) 1. a giddy laughter 2. laughter in a silly or nervous manner 3. often accompanying secrets amoung young girls

Glory (glo·ry) 1. achievement or distinction 2. he fame, admiration, and honor that is given to somebody who does something important

Glow (glo) 1. to give off a bright light 2. to be elated 3. a countenance that refelects great joy

Grand (grand) 1. outstanding 2. impressive, ambitious, and far-reaching

Gracious (gra·cious) full of tact, kindness, and politeness

[gra*ti*tude] feeling or expression of thankfulness

Groom (grum) 1. a mon on or before his wedding day

Grow ( gro ) 1. to come into being or be produced naturally 2. to develop to thrive, as a living thing 3. to increase in size, quantity

Grumpy ( grump·y) in bad mood: bad-tempered or sullen

Harmony (har·mo·ny) 1. pleasing combination of sounds 2. peace 3. a situation in which there is agreement

Happy (hap-e) 1. having, showing or cause great joy and pleasure 2. an emotion characterized by sense of well-being and gladness 3. causing one to smile Harvest ( har*vist ) 1. the time at which ripened crops are fathered 2. the act of collecting the season's crop 3. the fruits of one's labor

Happiness (hap-i-ness) 1. feeling pleasure: feeling or showing pleasure, contentment, or joy

Heart ( heart ) 1. basis of emotional life 2. the human heart, considered as the source and center of emotional life, where the deepest and sincerest feelings are located and an individual is most vulnerable to pain

Hiatus (hi-at-es) 1. a time of absence from ones work or study 2. time needed to recharge and refresh; rest

Humble(hum·ble) 1. modest 2. feeling or showing respect and deference toward other people 3. relatively low in rank and without pretensions

Hug (hug) 1. embrace affectionately 2. to put your arms around somebody’s body and hold the person tight to show affection or pleasure

Imagine (i·mag·ine) 1. form an image in the mind 2. assume something 2. see or hear something unreal


Independent (In·de·pend·ent)

Innovation (in·no·va·tion) 1. the act or process of inventing or introducing something new2. something newly invented or a new way of doing things

Inspire (in-spir) 1. to stimulate or impel as to some creative effort 2. to motivate as by diving influence

Idea (i·de·a) 1.a thought to be presented as a suggestion 2. a concept that exists in the mind only

Innocence (in·no·cence)1. harmlessness in intention 2. the state of not being guilty of a crime or offense
3. absence of guilt

Illuminate (il·lu·mi·nate) 1. to make something visible or bright with light, or be lit up

Intelligent (in·tel·li·gent) 1. having intelligence, especially to a highly developed degree 2. showing or resulting from an ability to think and understand things clearly and logically

Jewel (jew·el) a precious stone such as a diamond or sapphire 2. a fine example of a particular type of person or thing

Journey (jur-ne) 1. traveling from one plave to another

Joy(joy) feelings of great happiness or pleasure, especially of an elevated or spiritual kind 2. something that brings happiness

joy (joy) 1. insent happiness 2. delight

Jubiliant (ju·bi·lant) triumphantly joyful: feeling or expressing great delight over a success, achievement, or victory

kindness (kind·ness) 1. an act that shows consideration and caring 2. the practice of being or the capability to be sympathetic and compassionate

kinetic (ki·net·ic) relating to motion: relating to, caused by, or producing motion

kismet (kis·met) 1. fate: fate or destiny

Knowledge ( nal*ij) 1. facts obtained through learing 2. wisdom or expertise gained through experience

Lazy ( la-ze)1. not eager or willing to exert oneself 2. the state of idleness due to lack of desire 3. sluggish

Legacy (leg-ese) something passed through a family, handed down as from an ancestor

Love ( luv)1. the strong liking or affection of something or someone 2. a passionate affection from one person to another 3. the object of such affection; a sweetheart

Luminous (lu·mi·nous) 1. light-emitting: emitting or reflecting light 2. startlingly bright 3. illuminated: brightly illuminated

Map (map) 1. a representation of all or part of the earth's surface showing bodies of water, land masses and countries 2. a to-scale drawing of a specific area or region
melodious (me·lo·di·ous) 1. pleasing to hear: tuneful or varied and interesting in tone 2. characterized by melody: having the character of a melody

Marriage (mar-ij) 1. the state of being married 2. a close union

Merry 1. lively: full of fun 2. festive or to be festive 3. to have fun 4. cheerfulness
Memories [mem-or-ies] that which is created or present becomes past

Miracle (mir·a·cle) 1. an event that appears to be contrary to the laws of nature and is regarded as an act of God 2. an event or action that is totally amazing, extraordinary, or unexpected

Miracle (mir*e*kel)
1. and event or action unexplained by scientific law 2. an awesome or unimaginable outcome

Music (mu·sic) 1. sounds that produce effect 2. sounds, usually produced by instruments or voices, that are arranged or played in order to create a pleasing or stimulating effect 3. the art of arranging or making sounds, usually those of musical instruments or voices, in groups and patterns that create a pleasing or stimulating effect

Mystery (mys·ter·y) 1. puzzling event or situation: an event or situation that is difficult to understand or explain 2. the quality of being strange, secret, or puzzling

Natural (nat·u·ral) 1. relating to nature 2. in accordance with the usual course of nature 3. present in or produced by nature, rather than being artificial or created by people

nuture (nur·ture) 1. to give tender care and protection to a child, a young animal, or a plant, helping it to grow and develop 2. to encourage somebody or something to grow, develop, thrive, and be successful

noble (no·ble) 1. possessing high ideals or excellent moral character 2. impressive in quality or appearance

Octave (oc·tave) 1. interval on musical scale 2. an interval between two notes consisting of eight notes inclusive or seven steps on the diatonic scale
optimism (op·ti·mism) 1. tendency to expect the best: the tendency to believe, expect, or hope that things will turn out well 2. confidence

Oddity (odd·i·ty ) somebody or something different: somebody or something unique, unusual, or unconventional

Odyssey (od·ys·sey) series of travels: a long series of travels and adventures

Opulence (op·u·lence) 1. riches: great wealth or affluence 2. luxury: luxury, especially of an extravagant, showy, or vulgar nature

Oracle (oracle) 1. source of wisdom: somebody or something considered to be a source of knowledge, wisdom, or prophecy 2. wise saying: a wise or prophetic statement

Ordinary ( or·di·nar·y ) 1. usual or customary 2. of a common everyday kind

Organic (or·gan·ic) 1. developing naturally, occurring or developing gradually and naturally, without being forced or contrived

Practice (prak-tis) 1. to engage ina specific activity frequently as to become proficient 2. to act as to perfect

Parasailing (para·sail·ing) 1. hanging from parachute behind speedboat: a sport in which a waterskier wearing a parachute or holding onto a type of hang-glider is towed along behind a motorboat and rises up into the air

Pradise (par-a-dis) 1. heaven2. a place or state of great happiness 3. perfection of beauty and peace


Passage (pas-ij) 1. fare requred for transportation to a designated destination


flawless, exactly as planned

Perfection (pef-fec-shun) 1.flawless 2. exactly as planned

Play (pla) 1. to participate in recreation activites 2. to participate in a game or sport 3. a child's pastime

Poetic(po·et·ic ) sensitive or insightful: characteristic of a poet, especially in possessing unusual sensitivity or insight or in being able to express things in a beautiful or romantic way

Pout (pout) 1.sulk 2. to show disappointment, anger, or resentment, usually in silence

Precious (pre·cious) 1. valuable: worth a great deal of money 2. highly valued, much loved, or considered to be of great importance

Pride ( prid )1. dignity and self respect 2. great satisfaction in one's accomplishments 3. sharing happiness and admiration toward a cause

Pure (pyoor) 1. free from anything that taints 2. simple 3. innocent

Qulified (qual·i·fied) 1. having met a condition or requirement to become legally eligible for or entitled to a position or privilege 2. suitable or eligible to do something: with the necessary skills, qualities, or attributes to do a particular thing

Quotable (quot·a·ble) 1. worthy of being quoted 2. able to be quoted in a publication such as a newspaper because the person speaking or writing has given permission

Quiet (qui·et) 1. making little or no noise 2. peaceful

Quality (qual·i·ty) 1. a distinctive characteristic of somebody or something 2. an essential identifying nature or character of somebody or something 3. the general standard or grade of something

Radiance ( ra·di·ance) 1. happiness or energy: joy, energy, or good health discernible in somebody’s face or demeanor 2. bright or glowing

Rare (rar·e) 1. not often happening or found 2. particularly interesting or valuable, especially to collectors or scholars, because only a few exist

Recieve (re·ceive) 1. to take or accept something given

Recreation (rek-re-a-shen) playfuld or amusing activity done to refresh or relax the body and mind

Refresh (ri-fresh ) 1. to make fresh by cooling, wetting 2. to make a person feel stronger by food sleep etc. 3. pleasing new and different

Relax (re·lax) 1. ease: to spend time resting or doing things for pleasure, especially in contrast to or as a relief from the effort and stress of everyday life

Relax (ri-laks ) 1. to relase tension 2. to rest from work 3. to be at ease 4. to relase physical or mental pressure from oneself

Relax (ri-laks ) 1. to relase tension 2. to rest from work 3. to be at ease 4. to relase physical or mental pressure from oneself

Remember (ri-mem-ber) 1. to think of again 2. to bring back to mind 3. to be careful not to forget 4. to keep a memory alive 5. to look or think back

Reminise (rem-e-nis) to think, talk or write aobut remembered events, usually with fondness

Rhythm (rhythm) 1. pattern of beats in music 2. the characteristic pattern of a particular activity

Romance ( ro-mans ) 1. a long poem or tale written in a r 2. a novel of love and adventure `3. excitement, love; the kind found in such literature 4. a love affair

Scrapbook (scrap·book) a blank book or album for pasting in photos, pictures, cuttings, or other material

Serendipity (ser·en·dip·i·ty) gift for discovery: a natural gift for making useful discoveries by accident

Search (search) to look into, over, or through something carefully in order to find somebody or something

Simple (sim·ple) 1. easy: easy to do, understand, or work out because not complicated 2. not elaborate or complex

Sing (sin) 1. to create music with ones voice 2. to lift one's voice in song

Sister (sis·ter) 1. female sibling: a girl or woman who has the same parents as another person

Smile (smil) to move the tips of one's mouth upward to express pleasure or happiness

Solitude (sal-e-tood) 1. to be isolated; alone 2. being in a secluded place 3. healthy secludsion

Sparkle (spar-kel) 1. to glitter 2. to throw off sparks of fire 3. to effevesce 4. brilliance

Special (spe·cial) 1. istinct, different, unusual, or superior in comparison to others of the same kind 2. superior 3. of the greatest importance

Spirit (Spir·it)

Splendor (splen·dor) 1. something that is magnificent, impressive, or brilliant 2. the condition of being magnificent, impressive, or brilliant

Sportsmanship (sports-man-ship) 1. one who plays fair; can lose withouth complaint or win without gloating


Sucess (sek-ses) 1. a favorable result 2. gaining of wealth, fame or recognition 3. attaning one's aspirations

Study (stud·y) to learn about a particular subject by reading and researching

Summer (sum-er) the warmest season of the year following spring

Sunburn (sun-burn) inflamatio of the skin from exposure to the sun's uv rays

Sunset (sun·set) 1.the setting of the sun below the western horizon in the evening 2.glow from setting sun

Sweet (sweet) 1. pleasing to the senses 2. desirable, gratifying, or satisfying 3. kind, thoughtful, or generous

Teach (teach) 1. give lessons 2. to bring understanding to somebody, especially through an experience 3.to impart knowledge or skill to somebody by instruction or example

Team 1. two or more persons, each with unique talents and abliites working or plaing together 2. cooperative group engaged in an activity

Teammate (tem-mat) an individual on the same team, with unique ablities, working toward the same goal

Temper( tem·per) 1. a tendency to get angry easily and suddenly 2. a state of anger or ill temper

Thanksgiving (thanks-giv-ing) 1. a formal holiday for the ecpress purpose of giving thanks 2. a celebration held in october/november

Time (time) a limited period during which an action, process, or condition exists or takes place

Tired (tired) 1. in need of rest or sleep, or weakened and made less active by exertion 2. having lost patience or interest 3. no longer new or fresh because of overuse

Tradition ( tre-dish-en)1. passing down of beliefs and customs from one generation to the next 2. long accepted and reoccuring practives associated with specific occasions
Transcend (tran·scend) 1. be independent of world 2. to go beyond a limit or range, for example, of thought or belief 3. surpass something

Treasure (trazh er) 1. accoumulated weath 2. something of great worht 3. irreplaceable; priceless

Travels ( trav-els )1. to go someplace other than one's plave of residence 2. stay way from home for a period of time 2. to experience plaves for business or for pleasure.

nderstand (un·der·stand ) 1. grasp the meaning of something 2. to know or be able to explain to yourself the nature of somebody or something, or the meaning or cause of something

Unforgettable (un·for·get·ta·ble) 1. never to be forgotten: remarkable in a way that cannot be forgotten

Unity ( u·ni·ty) 1. the state of being one 2. the combining or joining of separate things or entities to form one 3. something whole 4. harmony

Unhappy ( un·hap·py ) 1. sad 2. not cheerful or joyful 3. displeased 4. unfavorable

Ultimate (ul·ti·mate) 1. greatest: greatest, most nearly perfect, or highest in quality

Unique (u·nique) 1. only one 2. being the only one of its kind

Uplift(up·lift) 1. to help somebody attain a higher intellectual or spiritual level, or improve somebody's living conditions

Utmost (ut·most) 1. at the extremity: at the most distant point or extremity 2. greatest degree or amount: the greatest degree, number, or amount of something, especially the greatest effort that somebody is capable of

Utopia (u·to·pi·a) 1. ideal and perfect state: an ideal and perfect place or state, where everyone lives in harmony and everything is for the best

Valid (val·id) 1. justifiable 2. having a solid foundation or justification 3. acceptable under law 4. bringing about the results or ends intended

Venture (ven·ture) 1. a risky or daring undertaking that has no guarantee of success

Victorious (vic·to·ri·ous) 1. having won something such as a contest or a battle 2. typical of or showing a sense of victory

emerge as champion

Victory (vik-ter-e) 1. to conquer 2. overcome great trial 3. emerge as a champion

Vital (vi·tal) 1. crucial, extremely important and necessary, or indispensable to the survival or continuing effectiveness of something 2. needed for life: required for the continuation of life

Winter ( ) 1. the coldest season of the year, following autum 2. characterized by snow 3. december through february

Wisdom (wis·dom) 1. good sense 2. the knowledge and experience needed to make sensible decisions and judgments, or the good sense shown by the decisions and judgments made 3. accumulated learning

Wish (wish) 1. desire something 2. want something to be otherwise

Wish ( wish )1. deepest desires of one's heart 2. a longing for something seemingly out of reach 3. a dream or desire for oneslef or someone else

Wonder (won·der) 1. amazed admiration 2. speculate about something 3. to be in a state of amazed admiration or awe 4. to speculate or be curious to know about something

Worthy (wor·thy) 1. fully deserving something, usually as a suitable reward for merit or importance 2. morally upright, good, and deserving respect

Xenolith (xen·o·lith) 1. foreign rock fragment: a fragment of rock that is different in origin from the igneous rock in which it occurs

Youthful (youth·ful) 1. vigorous, energetic 2. typical of or possessing youth

Zest (zest) 1. hearty enjoyment 2. lively enjoyment and enthusiasm 3. an exciting or interesting quality that makes something particularly enjoyable

(from PeaSoup)
Zeal (zeal) 1. enthusiasm: energetic and unflagging enthusiasm, especially for a cause or idea

Zen (zen) form of Buddhism: a major school of Buddhism originating in 12th century China that emphasizes enlightenment through meditation and insight

Zone (zone) 1. separate area with a particular function