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    Team Points Historical

    Welcome to the brand new Team and House information for 2015.

    This thread has all of the information you need on teams and houses and point collection. Do read it carefully as I hope it has covered everything and the only real changes from 2014 are in project life routine points.

    Our aim, as always, is for everyone to have fun, to have challenges to kick start flagging mojos and to keep the galleries on UKS fun and exciting and regularly updated.
    If you have any questions please post them in THIS THREAD so that we keep just information here rather than discussion.

    What is the team challenge?

    The team challenge was started in an effort to get members motivated to actually scrapbook & to raise the community spirit on UKS. Each team has 10 members & each member gets points for whatever they scrap. At the end of the month the team with the most points is declared the winner.

    How can I join a team?
    Most teams have already been formed but occasionally for one reason or another teams lose members so keep an eye out for teams needing members. Also new teams are often started by Scrapdolly and you will find these invites in the Inspirations and Challenges forum and usually a heads up in General scrapping.

    You could decide to start your own new team. Threads starting new teams should be posted in the Inspirations and challenges forum and, once the team has been set up I will close the thread.
    To start a team you need a willing person to organise it and lead the team. This person must be happy to start the team chat in Social Groups, collect the points and fill them in on the Excel Spreadsheet and make sure the spreadsheet is e mailed to the House Leader.
    Teams need 10 members. You can have less - though it makes it harder for you to collect points - but you cannot have more than 10 point collecting members (others can be chat members) .
    Once you have a group of ten of you you need a team name and then you need to PM Scrapdolly with the following:

    Team Name
    Team Leader's real name and UK ID
    Team Leader's e mail address

    Once that is done you can go ahead and start up a team chat in Social Groups.

    Teams DO NOT have to collect points. There are some teams who just enjoy to chat. Teams who opt not to collect points will NOT be allocated to a house.

    NB You can only be on one points collecting team at a time.

    There are stickied threads in this forum which give you the lists of all the teams, a link to the downloadable spreadsheet you will need, a place to ask questions, and the thread which details who the house leaders are and their e mail addresses.
    Finally - my mission is to help you have fun doing this. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

    How can I earn points?
    Please note that the points system works on TRUST. There is no onus to upload everything to claim points as we trust you, but we do hope you WILL upload as much as possible. UKS is such a great source of inspiration with a superb gallery. That gallery is provided by YOU so where ever possible please DO share your work in our galleries.

    The exceptions to the upload rule are as follows…
    Weekly challenges must be uploaded to earn bonus points
    House challenges must be uploaded to earn bonus points.
    Other monthly challenges must be uploaded to qualify for the bonus points

    Points can be earned in the following ways…

    1. Layouts & Canvases – 10 points SLO 20 points DLO For the purpose of the challenge a layout is classed as either a single page or a double page & must be no smaller than 6x6. A Canvas / single layout is worth 10 points, a double layout is worth 20 points. Only layouts that fit into this part of the guidelines maybe counted toward your monthly layout target. Please note that layouts need to have photos (or in exceptional cases a piece of artwork for example) and be complete. Layouts that have no pictures but just spaces to be filled later when photos are available do not count as finished and so do not score points.

    2. Circle Journals and altered books – We have streamlined the points for these. Providing your pages are 6" x 6" or larger you will get the same points as for a single layout (10 points) or double layout(20 points) This means there is no longer a separate entity needed for CJ, you just count them as layouts for points purposes.

    3. Art Journals – We have streamlined the points for these. Providing your pages are 6" x 6" or larger you will get 10 points per completed page. This means there is no longer a separate entry needed for Art Journals, you just count them as layouts for points purposes.

    4. FOTW – You can earn 5 points each time that you use one of Mary Anne’s FOTW (Font of the Week) on a layout. The FOTW can be any font from the current month.

    5. Complete Minibooks etc and fully decorated exploding boxes – These are worth a set amount of points rather than being treated as layouts. Each minibook, paperbag books, accordion fold full album etc will be worth 50 points regardless of how many pages they have in them etc. You may not count pages in these books towards your monthly layout target. A 'mini book' is defined as a any mini-album of smaller than 6x6. These books MUST be decorated to count for points and they MUST be completed, not left blank for completion later. This means that gift mini books, left blank for the recipient to fill with photos etc, do not count towards points.

    6. Handmade Albums
    – If you make an album totally from scratch then you can earn yourself 30 points. These must be albums that hold page protectors & not minibooks etc. The exception to this would be making your own CJ with the covers and the introduction. Making your own CJ would earn you the 30 points.

    7. Project Life– Many people have requested points for project life pages and so you can claim 10 points for completed 12 x 12 project life pages – and there is also a Project Life challenge you can join in with. See below in the challenges section. Your Project Life points do NOT need to be entered separately any longer. They just count as another layout int he main section.

    8. Cards – Several years ago we took cards out of the points system. It is now back by popular demand. However, there is a limit of no more than 10 cards per month that can be claimed for. Each card will be worth 5 points.

    The following MUST BE UPLOADED during the period of the challenge to claim the bonus points e.g. within that week for the weekly and within the month or 4 week period for the others.

    9. Weekly Challenges – Bonus points can be earned for uploaded weekly challenges. There is a stickied thread in the Inspirations and Challenges forum which tells you who is setting challenges and when. If you/your team wish to set a challenge then please let Scrapdolly know in that thread. Challenges are worth a maximum of 30 points. You can do the challenge as many times as you like BUT you can only earn the bonus points once. A maximum of 30 bonus points can be earned in a week. You can do the challenges digitally but please note it may not be possible to earn all of the bonus points digitally. You must complete and upload the challenge in the week set to claim the points. We allow one day's grace for uploads so they have to be int he galleries by MIDNIGHT on the MONDAY AFTER they are set.

    10. Monthly House Challenge – you can earn 30 bonus points for completing and uploading the monthly house challenge. You can make as many pages as you wish but can only claim the 30 bonus points once during the month. You must complete and upload the challenge in the month set to claim the points.

    11. Simple Recipes – you can earn 30 bonus points for completing the monthly Simple Recipe challenge and uploading a Simple Recipes page on UKS. You can make as many pages as you wish but can only claim the 30 bonus points once during the month. You must complete and upload the challenge before the next month's challenge is set to claim the points.

    12. Project Life Challenge – You can claim up to 30 bonus points if you complete the monthly project life challenge and upload it to UKS. You can make as many pages as you wish but can only claim the 10 bonus points once during the month. You must complete and upload the challenge before the next month's challenge is set to claim the points. NB The Spreadsheet only allows for 10 points so please just tell the team leader (who in turn will tell the house leader) that you have an additional 20 points if this is relevant for you

    13. Blog Bits Challenge – You can claim 20 bonus points if you complete a page (single layout or double layout) if you are inspired by one of the blog bits posts which appear on the home page. You would need to upload the page to UKS and link to the blog bits post that inspired you to create. You can make as many pages as you wish but can only claim the 20 bonus points once during the month. You need to use a blog bits from anytime in the previous 4 weeks. This means that if you see a blog bits post that inspires you in the last week of January you have until the last week of February to complete and upload your page.You claim the points in the month you upload and can only claim one set of bonus points per month.

    14. Snap 2015 Challenge – The Snap 2015 challenge is to make a layout during the month using a photo from the Snap 2015 challenge and upload it, you can claim 10 bonus points. This challenge cannot use old photos. You have to use a new photo taken as a result of one of the SNAP 2015 prompts.

    15. Stash Busting Challenge – This is a new challenge which will carry up to 50 points each month. Again it will need to be uploaded to the right gallery to claim points. As this is a later challenge it does not appear on the regular spreadsheet so please just tell your team leader the additional points you are claiming and they will add it to their total to the house leader. This will work int he same way as the extra points for the summer challenges worked.

    How does my team earn bonus points?
    For every 50 layouts completed by the team within the month, the team is automatically awarded 50 bonus points. The points spreadsheet is programmed to do this, so all you need to do to claim your points are fill in the sheet correctly.

    What are the Weekly Challenges?
    Each week on a Monday a challenge will be set by one of the participating teams. You can do as many layouts as you wish using the challenge details but you will only get your bonus points ONCE - so each week you can earn a MAXIMUM of 30 bonus points. These challenges are not compulsory. You can only claim points for challenges completed WITHIN the week they are set.
    If your team wishes to host a challenge - then please PM Scrapdolly or post in the weekly challenges thread with your request and I will assign you the next available slot. This is the thread to volunteer in

    Do I have to upload everything I do to the gallery?
    No you don’t. We appreciate that some people either don’t have the means or time to upload everything they do to the gallery, however it would be nice if you could share some of your work from time to time. Our team system is designed to be fun and it works on TRUST You don't have to upload to get your points, but you DO have to upload to claim the bonus points (see above) However, if you more than 39 layouts a month, 5 cj's or mini books then you do need to e mail your house leader proof
    Note that you DO have to upload in categories 9 – 14 above in order to claim the bonus points

    Claiming for more than 39 layouts
    If you claim points for more than 39 layouts in a month you will need to scan or photograph all of your work and send an email to your House Leader showing all of the layouts. I may ask them to forward these on to me, but we want to keep this, as far as possible, a system based on trust alone.
    Please do not send 40 different e mails. Link lots of pages together digitally so one A4 sheet may contain 30 small images for example. That way we can verify, for everyone, that that number of pages have been completed, that the pages are all different, not duplicates of the same page and that pages are not being re-worked with only slight modifications. Please remember a double Lo counts as 2 pages when working out your totals in this way as it is worth 20 points.

    Claiming for more than 2 mini books /tag books/accordion books
    If you claim for more than 2 mini books in a month the pages must all be scanned and e mailed in the same way as detailed above.

    PLEASE NOTE - e mails must be sent confirming high rate points by 4th of the month.

    Are there points for Project Life pages?
    Yes there are – see above for details but each 12 x 12 page that is completed counts for 5 points and there is also a monthly challenge

    When do I need to submit my points to my team leader?
    You must submit your points to your team leader by 4th or 5th of the month as the team leader has to complete the spreadsheet and send it on to the house leader by 6th of each month so that results can be posted on the boards on 7th. Please try to keep to the deadlines as results received after these dates cannot be entered on the boards.

    How do we know that people are submitting accurate results?
    The simple answer to this is we don’t. We are all adults & I really hope that people don’t feel it necessary to cheat & hope that we can all trust each other. As we have said before the challenge is for FUN!!!

    Do Digital pages count?
    The answer is OF COURSE! Digital layouts, both single and double, get the same points as paper single and double pages; 10 and 20 points respectively.

    There is, however, a big difference in challenges. The teams that set the challenges have the right to set whatever they want - we are all just grateful that they set them at all. Often the things they specify cannot be done digitally. For example a challenge may have points for embossing, for using rubber stamps, for adding a keepsake like a lock of hair, for including a handmade envelope or a mini book. Clearly those are things that you cannot do digitally. You could put a digital envelope on, but it is not the same as making a handmade envelope. You could mimic stamping but it is not rubber stamping.

    Digital scrappers need to accept that they can, of course, do the challenges, but often cannot earn all 30 bonus points and should not, on trust, claim them.

    Where do I find the challenges?

    People are sometimes unclear as to where to find the challenges
    Weekly challenges are posted in the challenges and inspiration forum every Monday
    House challenges are posted in the challenges and inspirations forum on the first Monday of the month or the nearest Monday to the start of the month. Monthly challenges are posted in the inspirations and challenges forum

    How do I join a house?
    Every team which collects points is allocated to one of the three houses – Red Ribbons, Green Buttons, Blue Brads. Your team leader submits your points to the house leaders at the end of each month and the house leaders submit them to me. As well as a team winner each month there is also a house winner. Houses each have their own common room in Social Groups (they are public groups so anyone can join in) so it is another place you can go to chat to get to know other people. Houses also compete in the house challenges (see separate thread)

    You can see a full list of house members and details of where to send points in this thread here

    Ladies I know you love the whole team system and it is now bigger than ever. It is part of UKS to get you chatting, making friends, competing in the nicest possible way, get you scrapping, encourage you to try new things and share your ideas and is meant to be - above everything else – FUN
    Thanks to Sam and Shez for all the work they did setting this up initially when the team system started years ago and to Jemma for the constantly updated spreadsheets.

    Thank you all for continuing to support the whole team system on UKS, for taking part, playing along with the challenges, reporting points and – for doing what we all do so well – for chatting and scrapping

    If you have any questions about challenges, points, teams etc then feel free to PM me (I am almost always around!)

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