Summer Scrapbooking challenge – Points information

Hi everyone
I think we are all thrilled with the summer challenges Niki has put together and I for one will find them a real boost to my mojo this summer.
I just wanted to clarify the points situation regarding the summer challenge for points team members as there will be extra points you can collect in August and September.
You can work on the challenges through to 30th September which means additional points can be claimed in both August and September depending on when you do the challenges.
Niki has made it clear in each challenge how many points are available as additional points. You will be able to claim the usual 10 points per single page layout of course, but there are additional points and, of course, nowhere to record these on the spreadsheet.
Each team member just needs to total their bonus points and let their team number know their total number of bonus points at the end of August and at the end of September.
Team leaders just total the bonus points for each month and when you submit your spreadsheet to the house leader simple tell them how many additional bonus points there are as well.

As with all bonus challenge points you MUST upload to the UKS gallery to claim the bonus points for each challenge.

Of course, all of this is only a little added extra. As with all of the challenges, the main purpose is to have fun and to kick start that mojo. You DON’T have to be a points team member to play, this guidance is just to help those members know how to claim.

Most of all

Thanks so much Niki x