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    Woodware finger guard trimmer cutting mat issues

    I have had this trimmer for approx 5 years, used with the original cutting mat supplied, I have replaced the straight blade once in thus time.
    However the edge on paper cut, using the trimmer is roughy/ragged.
    It was suggested by my local craft shop I need a new cutting mat as mine had a large split in the plastic. However when replaced the grey cutting mat, any paper trimmed is not straight and uneven.
    Can anyone help?

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    I've had mine about this long also and use it daily. I find the same problem with badly cut edges but when I replace the grey plastic strip and push it well down this stops the problem until it wears down again - in all I'd say I've replaced my strip 4 times so far. Just to note also that when the strip wears down you can take it up, turn it over and get the use out of the other side also.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    The problem persisted, new blades, new cutting mats always hit and miss regards paper trimmed using it straight or uneven edge.
    I tried different surfaces and leaning harder nothing was 100% gaurenteed, so I've invested in the new version of the trimmer!
    Sad I couldn't mend the old one!

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