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    Ordered stamping with carved pencil-top erasers

    LOL! Does that title make sense? I don't know! But I read an article in Craft Stamper about stamping with carved pencil eraser stamps. I've done it before, but only maybe 3 simple shapes. Janine Drake's article was really interesting in that she tiled the tiny stamps to give an overall pattern, which makes SO MUCH more of the little images. I had a bit of a lightbulb moment, cause I am very lazy I didn't want to draw a grid to order the stamping so I grabbed a stencil. That worked fine, but when I grabbed some of the larger punchinella I found it was PERFECT to fit the stamps.

    When you remove the punchinella you get this!

    Now I know not everyone is going be keen on carving teeny weeny stamps but if you think about it, using a larger stencil with commercial (but small) stamps might be a bit fun.

    Just a little tip...

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    Ooh now that's a coo idea!

    Quite fancy carving my own stamps but never got round to it but might be tempted to.give this a go

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    I have seen the pencil top stamps (a few on Pinterest) but I have also made my own from larger erasers and also the proper 'lino' stuff (the tools were very reasonable on the auction site ... oh, and very sharp too) . I have also done some fun foam ones. I have yet to use any though, I just like looking at my collection
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    I've made quite a few hand carved stamps it's quite addictive once you get going. You can use the pencil top erasers just as they are too to make your own polka dot background.
    You can use something like carbon paper to trace an image on or hand draw the design with a biro pen and then carve away. There's also that pink stuff you can get for making your own hand carved stamps, I can't remember what it's called though, there's a couple of them that are brand names, ?

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    To be honest I found I could just draw something on paper with a very soft sketching pencil then press the eraser on to it and the image transferred to the rubber well enough to see to carve it. And it's a lot easier to use the punchinella to set the size of the drawing then press the eraser thru it to place it. Handy stuff, punchinella....

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    Oh my.. I didn't know sequin waste actually had a name.. you learn something new everyday!
    I like the idea of this.. I have a set of tiny alphabet stamps.. you could do words, panels and random lettering through it too.. ooh..my minds running away with me now.. now where's my 'Punchinella'.. lol

    OOps.. I may have just placed an order for some more...
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    I've used the tiny alphas before but the problem is those are usually pretty cheap stamps - often the image isn't centred on the little wooden peg, so when you try to line up the edge of the mount the stamped letters still wobble up and down the line or be too close to one side or the other so you don't get as perfect a result as you might hope

    Just be aware and test it with the stamps you want to use on a scrap first to see if you have a good, centred set or a cheap wonky one....

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