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    Alchemy! Mix Dylusions with....

    glaze medium!

    I was having a bit of a play with my new order of Dylysions. I love the white. BUT I have been frustrated with ALL of the spray inks when doing mixed media because they are not waterproof, even when heat set. I had a go (with my own home-made stamp pad made by sticking a bit of denser felt to a bit of Fun Foam) stamping with the white and it does, indeed, produce a nice white image. BUT if you go over it with acrylic medium or anything wet, it wipes away. Not ideal for how I would want to use it. SO I put a dollop of GLAZE MEDIUM on my craft mat, added a few spritzes of the white ink, and worked it together with a coffee stirrer (palette knife would be fine too) then worked that into the "stamp pad"

    Lo and behold then ink-stamped image then IS waterproof. Note that dark splotch is actually a puddle of water

    I did the same with some of the coloured ink (also works but you have to test it and add more glaze if it smears - the ratio is much heavier weighted to the glaze, with just enough ink to get the colour you want) and with Cosmic Shimmer spray too. That one works as well, although I'm not sure that in my haste to experiment I didn't shake too little, or if the glaze medium neutralizes the shimmer. So I added a tiny smidge of Pearl-Ex to the stamp pad and the result was a very pretty slightly shimmery stamped image that is so much prettier in real life than the photo shows.

    The stamping has "texture" to it - if you run your finger over it you can feel it is slightly rough - and the colour is more like chalk ink, slightly powdery looking is the best way I can explain it.

    Why this vs. just an archival ink pad? I especially like being able to mix the white with the coloured inks and getting something that is more opaque and pastel in nature than a sheer archival ink pad. I know the Colorwash inks match the archival ink pads but not the Dylusions.

    I would be really interested in seeing how the mix reacts loaded on the stamp pad and sealed - will it dry out? and likewise with the REAL Dylusions pad can it be washed out so you can use the same pad over and over?

    As an aside, I ALSO loaded a scrap of the "stamp pad" with some acrylic INK and that worked a treat for stamping and was waterproof from the off. The white acrylic ink is even a bit whiter, I think. What I am not sure is what is IN acrylic ink other than paint and water!

    I should mention that there is lots more info and photo on my blog here and here. And I have a fairly wacky idea that I THINK will work I'll be testing out later today!

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    Thank you MaryAnne, that was very interesting.

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    Wont the glaze medium dry out and make the pad as hard as a brick MaryAnne? I dont think the acrylic ink would stay in the pad either, they generally need a lot of agitation to mix the pigment with the carrier fluid. Wonder what would happen if you used tipex or would it's solvent base cause an issue?

    Bloomin good results you're getting tho.

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    could you mix white acrylic, or gesso with the sprays to get the same result? or stamps with paint or gesso to get a white print?
    And I do water down acrylic paint to make sprays, and they work well too-and are waterproof!

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    As the stamp pads are just a scrap of felt and a bit of fun foam (so perhaps 10p in cost) I don't really CARE if they dry out The one I did with the acrylic ink on it, that I showed on the blog post stuck into a dried out ink pad case, is still wet a few days later so THAT might be OK. The one with the glaze medium was just sitting on my desk and IS dried out.

    Not to sure about tipex, it might work - I'm sure I've seen cases where people use it to spatter a nice pure white on mixed media type things. Not too sure about scrapbooking applications!

    I find that is is really hard to get the kind of detail in that text stamp with plain white paint, although it does work. I have used my Gelli plate as if it were and ink pad and that soft and giving surface, with a thin coat of paint, works really well.

    Really, all of this was just biding my time while I waited for some empty spray bottles to arrive What I REALLY wanted was to see if I could mix up the Dylusions with Glaze medium in a spray bottle and make up a waterproof SPRAY ink. So far, it's working OK but again, it take a little experimentation to get the ratio right, so it is liquid enough to spray and not splotch but with enough glaze medium in it to make it waterproof! what I really ned NOW is LIQUID glaze or gel medium rather than the spoonable version. I did try it a couple of weeks back with Colorwash ink (cause I had that) but then I messed up my sample so couldn't share it Perils of a messy desk LOL! But I tried the mix over 4 strips: Gesso, white paint, plain acrylic medium and plain card. On all 4 of them the mist remained waterproof.

    So while I have plenty of other solutions for STAMPING this is my best idea for SPRAYING. Still, mixing in the Pearl-ex really is lovely. I really can't describe the soft shimmer of it - so different to stamping with metallic or glittery stamp pads or embossing or glittering. It's more like stamping with glimmer mist, but slightly patchy so the light catches areas. Would be so pretty and worth doing if you were making a lot of cards (dare I mention the C-word this early in the year??)

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