Here's your June extra inspiration. By now hopefully you've read through the June worksheet and had a go at a layout. On the worksheet this month I did include two sketches to make a double layout and let you know that the extra inspiration would be to create the second layout using your left overs from your first page. So here's what I came up with using the same goodies picked out for my June page kit, following the sketch and also working from my first layout to help me create the second.

I did this in a really simple way, just mirroring the first page but reversing it so you can see the same stagers of papers but in reverse and the same way I treated the edges of the layout layering tags, ribbon and washi tape. It's a really simple way to create a second page. You can use this method to make double layouts or use it to create completely new layouts just flipping around how you've created a favourite layout before and maybe introducing extra elements based on the sketch.

If you have a go at a second layout don't forget to pop it in the Simple Recipes gallery.
x Leo