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Dolly's Dare Aug - Wheely Good Fun

by g61

Kitty Curl Up

by scrapdolly

Aug colour challenge

by elainevking

August week 1

by elainevking

Sandy toes

by scrapdolly

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    CJ Trader Ratings


    It is the responsibility of the host to submit a Trader Rating for all participants. ALL Trader Ratings that are left are AT THE HOST'S DISCRETION. A positive rating should be given to all successful participants. If someone drops out of a CJ once all the CJs are made and are past their 1st posting, then there will be an impact on the rest of the group so they should receive a neutral. Obviously negative would be used for the very extreme cases where people just go missing and don’t make any contact whatsoever. It is at the discretion of the host to submit a rating if the participant had to pull out of the CJ for a reason given to the host before the completion deadline. The group must also nominate ONE participant to provide a rating for the host. This rating should be based on the views of all the participants in the group.

    Please note : COMMUNICATION is the key, if you join a CJ and fail to communicate at least twice a month - once to say you have posted and once to say you have received - you will also receive a neutral rating. It only takes a second to update and let everyone know where you are up to. If there are any problems then your 1st port of call is your host, if there is still a problem, then please contact me.

    Please be aware that CJs often run for 10 months plus - please make sure that you can commit to this before signing up.

    Trader Ratings for CJs and Swaps

    • The CJ host gets rated ONCE for hosting the CJ, by ONE of the participants, NOT by all the members of the CJ.
    • The group must decide amongst themselves who will leave the rating for the host.
    • The host rates each of participants ONCE.
    • Both of these ratings use the TRADE option
    • Each participant DOES NOT rate each person who did an entry in their CJ

    Hosted Swaps
    • The host gets rated ONCE for hosting the SWAP, by ONE of the participants, NOT by all the members of the Swap and only when the swap is completed.
    • The rater MUST rate the host with a rating that reflects the majority of the participants, NOT their own opinion.[/B]
    • The host rates each of participants ONCE.
    • Both of these ratings use the TRADE option
    • Each participant DOES NOT rate the person who sent their swap items

    Direct Swaps[list][*]In the case of direct swaps, each person rates the person who sent to them.[*]When the swap is complete, the host gets rated for hosting the swap by ONE of the participants only. [*]Again - it is the TRADE option

    Marketplace Transactions
    • The SELLER of an item rates the BUYER of the item as soon as the money is received (or cleared in the case of a cheque)
    • The BUYER of an item rates the SELLER of the item as soon as the item is received.
    • Please include a link to the relevant Marketplace post
    • The buyer should select the BUYER option for placing their rating
    • The seller should select the SELLER option for placing their rating

    Trader Rating may be given for direct swaps and PIFs, particularly for non-receipt of an item or leaving a PIF open for an excessive amount of time (more than 10 days). You may rate for any transaction that includes an EXCHANGE of items or payment. WISHES and RAKs, which depend one a "goodness of the heart" transaction, do NOT receive ratings.

    The Trader Rating system is NOT for rating sponsors or for sponsors to rate retail customers.

    Any ratings which you may have that do not fit into the above categories will be deleted. If you have a 10 ratings for hosting one CJ, 9 of those ratings may be deleted. This is to preserve the integrity of the ratings.

    Please also ensure that ratings are issued in a timely way and reference the relevant thread.

    WHEN MAILING FOR A CJ, Swap or PIF ALWAYS get a proof of posting. If something goes missing in the mail and you can not provide the proof of posting you will get an automatic NEGATIVE rating.

    All transactions should be transparent - by that I mean if someone is taking up a direct swap, it should be posted in the thread, when the item has been mailed it should be posted in the thread, when the item has been received it should be posted in the thread (For PIFs, which roll over for a time, I will need to check to see if you can edit a post - it would be better if the mailing and receipt info were contained within your post claiming/offering rather than a NEW post which will interrupt the flow of the thread ). This will provide a public record of a transaction.
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