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Dolly's Dare Aug - Wheely Good Fun

by g61

Kitty Curl Up

by scrapdolly

Aug colour challenge

by elainevking

August week 1

by elainevking

Sandy toes

by scrapdolly

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    A Restructure of the Newbie CJs.

    Circle Journals are very popular on UKS and we have a dedicated Newbie CJ thread for those of you who have never attempted a CJ before. You don't necessarily have to be a newbie to UKS - even long term members who have never tried a CJ before are very welcome to join. The only criteria in joining a newbie CJ is that you have been a member of UKS for at least one month or that your post count is between 30-50 posts.

    An experienced CJ host will look after your group and will be able to answer all your questions and queries and look after you. There will be an official thread for your particular group as and when your host has a full group. In the meantime please use the Newbie CJ thread to chat to your group members, sharing ideas and chatting about themes etc.
    Please ensure you are able to commit to the Newbie circle journal before signing up, this may last the better part of a year.

    Please read the updated rules below. Newbie sign up is for people who have never done a CJ before and are completely new to them! It is vitally important that newbies stick to the rules. You will not be able to participate in any other CJ on UKS until you have completed 3 Newbie CJs and have received a positive trader rating from your host. All hosts of any CJ are reminded of this fact by myself when asking for a CJ thread.

    If there are any lovely volunteer hosts out there willing to take on a newbie group please PM me.

    Newbies - Please be patient though - it does sometimes take a little while to gather a group together - please bear with us - myself and your host will do our utmost to get a group together as soon as we can.

    New rules are as follows and start from the next Newbie CJ to ‘go live’ after today’s date 14th July 2012 :

    1. Newbie CJs are to be restricted to 5 people in the CJ. (I can possibly arrange for 6 but no more)

    2. Each Newbie must complete THREE of the newbie CJs to move into the "normal" CJ process.

    - for the Newbie CJs, each participant posts the subject/theme of their CJ on the thread for that Newbie CJ, they will also post dimensions of their pages, - it will probably be better to all stick to 6x6 or 8x8 for your 1st CJ journey, so as to save any confusion as to who is posting what size to who.

    - each Newbie must make a page to fit the other participant’s subject/theme.

    - rather than the Newbies mailing the whole CJ, each participant must send their completed page to the owner. To keep the Newbie CJ moving, and to enable you to progress onto the 2nd and then 3rd newbie CJ – you will need to complete each page in 2 weeks. You will mail your 1st page to the person directly below you on the mailing list, your 2nd page to the person below that, 3rd page to person below the previous person etc The entire CJ should complete in just over 10 weeks (all going well)

    You MUST stick to the posting dates that will be outlined in the 1st post on your Newbie CJ thread, if you do not then it could jeopardise your being allowed onto the 2nd newbie CJ and subsequently the 3rd.

    It is completely possibly for you to carry on with the same theme in the next of the three Newbie ones to get a fuller book. You will also be saving on postage as it should only take a large 1st or 2nd class stamp (plus you must send recorded)

    Once you have completed 3 Newbie CJs – you should be more familiar with the ways of CJs and can then go on to join the more established CJs (ie - up to 10 people)

    ANY questions at all – please ask Please remember that communication is the key, if your host is aware of any problems, it will be fine
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    Please note .... I am in the process of restructuring the newbies rules as this didn't seem to work too well ... new format to follow shortly
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