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    New Swap Submissions from JUNE 2012

    Please forward ALL new CJ submissions to Kitty Crafts

    Please copy and paste the form below and add your details.

    1. Swap Name and Description:

    2. Organisers Name: (UKS name and real name and contact details)

    3. Sign Up Deadline:

    4. Posting dates (to host or direct swap)

    As you may or may not be aware, the swaps forum has recently undergone a few changes. It has been decided that the new changes that were implemented were not beneficial to the swaps forum as they led to a lot of confusion and the swap submissions died down considerably. After a forum vote, the majority of you want the swaps to go back to the way they were, therefore, if you have an idea for a swap, put the feelers out on the 'Looking for a swap to join' and if there is enough interest, submit it to me using the form above (just copy and paste and add your details) - the usual format is to give about 2 weeks to sign up and about a month to complete the swap. There will be circumstances where this will need to change, for example non UK hosts, more challenging swaps (ie the Book of Secrets) etc ... please PM me if you need more info regarding a swap.

    Newbies and Swaps
    Everyone starts somewhere. I remember when I was new and the world of swaps was a scary place! Once you dip your toe into the swap pool, you'll wonder what you were afraid of Just a couple of rules before you start ... you must have been a member of UKS for at least 1 month. You must have between 30 and 50 posts, so get chatting if you haven't got this many. Also - you may only join in 1 swap at a time for your first couple of swaps ... once you have 2 swaps under your belt (from start to completion and receipt of Trader rating) then you can go on to join up to 3 at a time !! Enjoy

    Trader Ratings
    Trader ratings are still the same. Trader Ratings MUST be given for all swap participants.

    In the case of 'send to host' swaps, (ie ATCs, cards) the host will rate each participant and the participants must jointly decide on ONE person to rate the host and agree the rating. The host must not nominate someone to do their TR.

    With direct swaps (between two assigned people) each participant rates the person that sent to an item to them.

    ALL OTHER RATINGS WILL BE DELETED. Rating may not be used in retaliation for a NEUTRAL or NEGATIVE rating (so if a "bad" rating is rightly given, that person may not rate to even the score.)

    If there is a valid reason someone has to drop out (illness, bereavement, or other unexpected incident) they MUST notify the swap host as soon as possible, and before the deadline. The rating will then be at the host's discretion. If the swap can continue with little impact if someone drops out (ie send 3 ATCs to host when there are say 15 participants) the host can choose to not rate (as the person did not participate but did not cause any impact on the swap) If a person drops out much further into the swap - especially in direct swaps, then they should receive a neutral or a negative, depending on the situation and again at the host's discretion.

    A POSITIVE rating will be given for hosts and participants who complete the swap satisfactorily.

    Dropping out, failing to meet the deadline, failing to forward or complete your entry in a swap and failing to notify the host will result in a NEGATIVE rating.

    Failing to complete the swap on time, but having notified the host of a problem in advance, may result in a NEUTRAL rating. In some cases, the host may be able to extend the deadline of a swap by possibly a week but this is not to be expected and will not be the 'norm'
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    Message for ALL swap hosts and participants.

    Please note that as from today, trader ratings for all swaps that are 'send to host' will be as follows :

    • Swaps that arrive on or before the completion date will result in a positive rating.

    • Swaps that arrive AFTER the completion date will be returned to you UNSWAPPED and you will receive a neutral rating but only IF there has been communication between you and the host. If the host has PMd/emailed/texted you and you do not reply, you will receive a negative rating.

    • If a swap does not arrive and there has been no communication from you to the host, you will receive a negative rating.

    • If a swap does not arrive that was sent, you must provide a photo of the recorded delivery or proof of posting receipt and you will receive a positive rating. Please keep hold of your receipts until the host has updated the thread with swap arrivals.

    I am sure that you will all agree, trader ratings are there for a reason and these rules should be adhered to, to ensure the smooth running of swaps. Thank you.
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