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Thread: Faithbook 2012

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    Crohn's and Colitis UK supporter Brummie40's Avatar
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    Faithbook 2012

    Hi All,
    There seems to be some interest in keeping this going.

    I have thought of some more prompts so wondered about doing 1 per month and so to start things off for January here's your prompt:

    family and faith

    This could be how your family has nurtured/supported your faith - perhaps if you come from a religious family, or how you'd like to tell your family about your faith, or how your faith has shaped your family in some way.

    Thanks again for all your comments. Lovely to see some pages posted too!
    Bye for now,
    kit swap

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    LUPUS AWARENESS MONTH julieann's Avatar
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    I wouldn't mind trying to start this looked at it late last year and hoped it might continue, will certainly have to get my thinking cap on and think about it though, shamefully!

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    Sorry I've been away for nearly a whole year so missed the original thread. Could you explain how it started/the details please? Or provide me with a link to the original thread so I can catch up? This sounds intriguing.

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    Thank you for keeping it going Brummie!!

    I still have the end of last year to do but Jan's is a lovely theme!!

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    I need to get my craft mojo back. Maybe concentrating on this thread will give me a bit more focus and interest. While I declutter the spare room (again) I shall have a think about this. It would be my first LO of the year!

    Thanks for the prompt, Brummie.
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    I've been away for a bit too so I missed this - trying to find my mojo again (and some spare time!!) and this could be my 'thing'!!

    Would love to hear more about it!!

    My Blog

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    Crohn's and Colitis UK supporter Brummie40's Avatar
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    So lovely to have you interested! The idea is to spark off LOs or journaling & anyone can join in as much or as little as they want. I have looked back at my previous posts and so here's a list of all the 2011 prompts. And an idea of what its all about...


    Anyone is welcome to join in at any time. I'd love to see any pages that you wish to share.
    The idea is to complete a faith book over the year. You will get prompts for pages - to start with it was 2 prompts a month (2011) so you can do a page a fornight; now weíre going for 1 prompt a month. The ideas will hopefully help you scrap about your beliefs and aspects of your spirtual life. My ideas reflect my own Christian faith but could be adapted to other faiths. I've been doing an 8x8 album but the format is totally up to you.

    JANUARY 2011
    OK, so here goes for January - 2 prompts for 2 pages:
    Page 1 - Scrap something you are thankful for (eg. family, job, pet, friend, health) - use a photo or you could use journaling in your LO to record your thoughts.

    Page 2 - incorporate your favourite quote from the bible [or other spiritual book] in your LO - this could be used to embelish a photo page recording an event or memory or it could be the main focus of the page.

    Here are the prompts for February's pages:
    Page 1: scrap or journal about your favourite spiritual book (or website) other than the bible; could be a teaching guide, autobiography, life guide - something that inspires you.

    Page 2: JOY! Document/scrap about someone or something that gives you great joy. Perhaps you have a certain friend who is a joy bringer? May be its your pc as a connection to friends/family far away?

    Page 1: use a photo that illustrates an aspect of your faith, for example, I have taken a photo of my feet whilst standing on a rock to illustrate 'the rock of my salvation'!

    Page 2: do you know the poem footprints in the sand? Its about times when God has carried you. Scrap or journal about a difficult time that God has carried you through. If scrapping you could use hidden journalling & may be a self protrait for the photo?

    For April, here are your prompts:
    Page 1: Easter - why is it important to you and/or have you had a particularly important/special one e.g. became a Christian on Easter Sunday, were inspired by the idea of new life/growth to make a significant change in your life.

    Page 2: Charity - charity and giving - what's important to you, what do you support and why? For example, I support Crohns and Colitis UK, Macmillan, and Asthma UK as I have loved ones who've been touched by these conditions. I did my first 5k sponsored event last year for Macmillan so that would be something for me to journal.

    Your inspiration for your May faith book pages are below.
    Page 1: include a photo (or drawing!) that illustrates God's wonderful creation or you could be super creative and write a poem or a description of something/someone you have seen that makes you go 'wow!'

    Page 2: Getting close to God - how do you do this? May be a retreat, through meditation, quiet times - what works for you?

    Here are the inspiration prompts for your two June pages. As always with scrapping there are no rules, these are just ideas to spark you off.
    Page 1: Use a quote from the Psalms in a page as journaling or a title or as a starting point for journaling your thoughts.

    Page 2: Life - the miracle of life. Could be a baby in the family, how you feel about your life, or the miracle of life in general terms. I have been watching the TV programme 'Inside the human body' on BBC iplayer & we humans are pretty amazing!!
    Here are the prompts for your two July pages:
    Page 1: Church - where do you go? what's yours like? are you looking for the right place to worship? Big, small - attend often or once in a while. Scrap your thoughts and feelings about church or house group.

    Page 2: Someone who inspires you in your faith walk. Could be a spiritual leader you know well, a person from the bible, a friend, someone famous or an organisation/charity. Scrap or journal how they inspire you in your faith.

    Page 1: Thoughts on your walk with God. How are things with you and God today? Do you chat with him a lot or need to spend more time talking with him? Is your current relationship with God at a good point or not so good?

    Page 2: Love - and the greatest of these is love. Scrap/write about any love that is inspiring you at the moment. You could go for journalling about God's love for you (as it links in to page 1 above). Or has someone's actions recently shown you what love's all about (e.g. help from a friend or relative).

    Here are the September prompts for the faithbook challenge.
    Page 1. Your future walk with God.
    What are your goals? Do you have a 'spiritual growth area' that you hope to explore further? For me itís to teach my kids more about God.

    Page 2. Words from a hymn or chorus (or carol!).
    There are so many inspiring words written to music - choose some that inspire you and tell the story as to why they mean something to you.

    Here are your prompts for your October pages:
    Page 1: Prayer - how do you pray, when do you pray? Do you like to light a candle in church or do you natter to God at any time?

    Page 2: Use a New Testament quote in a LO or to prompt your journalling.
    Page 1. A teacher. Journal or scrap about someone who has taught you about your faith, e.g. Sunday school teacher, pastor/priest, parent.

    Page 2. Christmas - focus on the true meaning of this special celebration, what do you do to keep it faith-focussed? Is there a tradition(s) that you do to honour the true meaning e.g. shoebox appeal, volunteering at a soup kitchen, carolling at an old peoples home?

    I thought I'd do the Christmas one in November as with all the TV ads and media hype (already!) it can get us bogged down with the glittery stuff & itís nice to take a moment to remember why itís a special time.

    Page 1: Your baptism or confirmation, or first communion. What made it special for you? Do you commemerate the event annually? Or are you planning such an event?

    Page 2: Your testimony. This is the whole of your spiritual journey - recall the events that have been important on the way. You could write it as a letter or blog entry style. You could use a hidden flap if this is too special to have on show.
    Use the prompts to journal or scrap.
    kit swap

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