I'll be opening the gallery at 8 PM

In moving things over I realized that with so many layouts the reality is the voting could be quite scattered and we might find ourselves with a multi-way tie. So while we had intended to have just the one vote, to avoid it coming down to the mentors having to choose, we are instead going to do it this way:

The Semi-final gallery will open tonight and voting on all the layouts will take place till Friday AM. Voting will close at 8 AM

Between 8 and 9am I will move over the TOP FIVE layouts (or, in the case of any tie after we take the top five by votes, a few more - so for example if there are 4 clear frontrunners and three more with equal votes, I'll add 7)

All will vote thru the weekend on the Play Along FINAL gallery.

As usual, one vote per member for each round.

Fingers crossed there won't be a tie at the end of it, but if there is we mentors will decide.