Hello all.

We are nearing the end of the competition! I think we have seen some fab pages from all the contestants but as with all comps there can only be one winner.

We will be announcing the scrapper leaving the competition this week at 8PM tonight.

The next round between the final 3 will be handled a little different.

The voting will carry on as normal, but there will be NO knockout round. Instead, voting will open tomorrow morning as usual but go right through to 8pm next Sunday night. The scrapper with the fewest votes in this round will leave the competition.

The final two will have until 7 AM Monday 18th July to add their three, no theme required, layouts.

Contestants, you will need to load your layouts in a very specific way.
First, pick your favourite - the layout that really shows why you have the Scrap Factor. This will be the main image in the gallery. Then, add you further two layouts in the description, as you have done with the detail shots in past weeks. You can add additional detail shots under each layout if you want to.

The reason for this is due to the limitations of the Gallery - it isn't possible to link three separate layouts so voting can be carried out for the three as a group. Rather than let members vote for only ONE of the final 6, and adding the totals to get the winner, this will let members vote for their favourite scrapper, taking all three layouts into consideration.

Again, voting will carry on until 8 PM Sunday 24th July when we will announce the winner!

Following on from that we will organize a Play Along Gallery, with all the Play Along winners for a final week of voting for the final Play along winner!