Hello, this is a rather quiet forum! I'll post this elsewhere too, but I thought the ATC forum was the place to start...

Having bought a folder in the charity shop to hold my ATCs, I am now the reluctant owner of about a million football trading cards. They're old ones, too! (No, not Bobby Moore, they're 2004/5!)

As a keen recycler I'm going to keep some and use them to make ATCs. They're exactly the same size but 1mm smaller on the short edge, lol.

They have a shiny surface with - obviously - photos of footballers on them, but they're ideal for sticking papers on, either pps or something stampy/sprayey/inky!

There are far too many for me, so if any other keen recyclers would like some, please pm me your address and I'll send some off. Shame to waste them.