I am getting reported posts about non-sponsor advertising in blogs. While it is acceptable to link to a blog in your signature, even if if has the occasional non-sponsor link in it, or even if it routinely links to a number of retail sites, some of which may be non-sponsor sites, it is not acceptable for DT members of non sponsor sites or manufacturers to direct link to posts that heavily promote a single non sponsor site. It's a fine line between being informative and promotion. General signature links to blogs have far less impact than a direct link in a post!

This seems to be more of an issue in Cards than the rest of UKS because so many stamp manufacterers direct sell, and because some sponsors are also stamp manufacturers - the links in posts have a bigger impact and can be viewed as more advertising than a link to Basic Grey, which many sponsors sell.

So, please do post card creations, by sponsor manufacterers and non-sponsor ones. You may have a blog link in your signature that links to a manufacters blog, but please do not promote the non-sponsor stamp makers in the blog post - if you do, don't post a direct link to the blog entry from your post on UKS.

It's common sense, basically. I think everyone is aware of the UKS rules on non-sponsor advertising, and if you keep them in mind when posting it's unlikely you will go wrong