Please, can we limit DETAILED posted info to sponsor shops? As we say in the FAQ it is ok to quietly PM someone info on a local non-sponsor shop, without posting you have done so (and inviting people to PM you for the info!) but posted replies should stick to sponsors. While MENTIONING a non-sponsor shop is acceptable, no detail is allowed.

Thanks. This seems to be the top "reported post" type post at the moment so if we can all be clear on what is allowed it will be better all round!

Just updating this post with the newer info from the FAQ:

Posting links -- be sensible! If someone asks about a shop in a location and you know of one, you can post the name of the shop but no other identifying info (no address, no phone number, no directions, no link) If someone wants more info they can PM you to ask for it. You MAY NOT post asking people to PM you. People can PM and you can reply, but without the public "I've PMed you/Can you PM me?/I've replied" posts. There are threads for US Shopping Deals, and QVC discussion, and other BIG store deals.