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    Lightbulb ^*^*^ N E W Designers please read before you upload ^*^*^

    There are some courtesies that have evolved over the years that the CR forum has been on UKS, they are not rules, it is up to you, but it would be nice to see them continue.

    Please do not upload a template that you have not first cut and tested unless you are an experienced designer and know for sure that your design will cut as intended.

    If you design is unusual or complex please consider adding some brief instructions, either on your template or as a separate file.

    Save the cut line settings where possible ie. should X line be cut dashed or solid.

    Please include a screen shot (see tutorials section for help on doing this), or preferably a picture of the finished project in JPEG format, so members don't have to open or download the files to see them.

    If you use a font for a design and you have not used weld on it, can you please add the name of the font to your post, for all the font addicts as depending how you have used the font, if someone doesn't have that font installed on their computer they won't be able to cut the file, especially dingbats.

    If you use the same font for more than 1 file and you upload the files separately, can you add the name of the font to each post, as the files are moved into the permanent sections so no one is going to know that you added the name of the font to another post.

    When uploading GRA files can you also upload a GSD version for the many people who don't have Design Master. There it an excellent tutorial in the DM section of tutorials on how to convert them.

    When people use the search option to find designs, it does not select posts by using the words in the uploaded file title, so if there is no reference to what the file contains in your message please add extra search words.

    Do not upload files into someone else's thread please start a new thread, or the file will be deleted when comments are removed prior to moving the post to the permanent threads.

    Do not upload sketches for people to trace in lieu of a cutting file, please trace them yourself and then upload the GSD file.

    If you download a file while it is in the general upload area, please leave a thank you message.


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    Exclamation Watermarking templates

    We are happy for people to include a "watermark" in their cut files, but please only include a name copyright, not a url of a site, especially as a non-sponsor. We view a URL of a site where you may sell templates within a template as advertising.

    We ask UKS sponsors to abide by this as well, and editing out the URL if you are no longer a sponsor is a lot of work.

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