This is available ONLY to people selling digital designs NOT anyone selling standard scrapbooking supplies - that would require at least Tier 2 Sponsorship.

The guidelines are simple:

- You may only post the retail info in the Digi-scrapping forum so make sure your signature info is appended only to those posts and not posts you make outside of those forums (make sure Append Signature is unticked in your profile then tick in to add to any appropriate post)

Limited Sponsors: Limited sponsorship are listed within the forums which apply specifically to their products in a pinned post. Limited sponsors are allowed a text-only, shop name link, no graphic, no additional text. (Clarification: the signature with retail info may ONLY be appended in the forum sponsored) Limited sponsors MAY NOT post in And Now a Word from our Sponsors, nor post retail sale info within the forums. You MAY reply to posts asking for info on something specific with a link too the item on their site. Limited sponsorship is available for the following:

Digi forum
Cardmaking forum
CR Templates forum

- You may not post in And now a word from our Sponsors

- You will be given a custom title of Sponsor (Limited) so people are aware that you may post retail info.

- Limited Sponsor digi-designers will have a link in a USeful Sites thread at the top of the forum.

This is all quite new so we will have to see how it goes - any issues I'm sure we will be able to sort them.

What I need from you:

Email this info to

1. Your name and UKS name
2. Full business address and a contact phone number
3. A link to where the legally required full contact info is on your site

I will invoice you - the prices are:
£25 in two 6 month blocks for the year for digi designers
Any questions, let me know!


Mary Anne Walters