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    Organising Decos

    I loved doing them and despite Efemera's best attempts. I really do feel like mine are lost.

    I still want to particpate in decos but I think that there needs to be some ground rules and a tracker thread if it is going to work properly. Perhaps only posting on one day of the week becomes a rule. Having a set number of pages so that you have more of an idea when the book will retrun. Perhaps creating a list and having a posting order bit more like a CJ.

    These are just a few ideas off the top of my head so that we can get going with them again. Anyone have any other ideas about how we can make it a better experience? Anyone still want to participate with decos if they get more organised?

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    I'm in a deco page swap here on UKS. Pages are sent person to person ,just the page-not the book. You then put the pages you receive into an album or book of your choice. I think this is really good as it can't get lost and you know when and who you are posting to and postage is cheaper. It's challenging as you create a page for another persons theme. The one I'm in is a monthly swap organised by LME but I guess you cold do fortnightly or weekly. Check out the posting on Altered Art For-soz do'nt know how to put in a link.

    Have sent and recieved my first pages and am really enjoying it. Would jpoin more!!
    Hope this helps xx
    - Gabby x

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    Unfortunately there are some unreliable people, I know life gets in the way but a quick message is all that is needed. I have no idea how decos can be
    policed. maybe use trader ratings as a guide? ..saying that I'll give them another go!

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    Monika kittenglitter's Avatar
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    I know what you mean about unreliable. I have to admit to being both let down and someone doing the letting down, but I am back on a roll and would like to jump right in.

    I do think having a list might help. That way we should be able to trace where they go.

    I'll create a list of interested parties and see where we go from there.

    So far

    we have

    Stash keeper

    Personally I think there needs to be a bit more interest than this to have a good deco.

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