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Cute little dingbats.  KG Christmas Trees  has trees a couple of presents,  all scalable and some will cut as a font with some machines.  The would word for easy little card toppers, maybe punched with a circle punch.  So fast and easy for the kids.




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UKScrappers for 2015 - Essential links

Rather than linking within the update posts each week, this post will stay pinned to the top.  You can see the schedule for posting as wel as the clickable links for the forums. I've also added links to the Archive posts, if you are looking for older ones. 

Challenges posted in the Forums

TEAM Challenge (weekly) can be found in the House and Team forum each Monday here . 

SNAP: 2015 (MONTHLY)  and can be found in the Photography forum here .  

NEW: CARD CHALLENGE (MONTHLY) link to Mystik Nat's 2015 Monthly Card Challenge .  Cards qualify for Team points.

Home Page posts 

  • Week One 
  1.  monthly HOUSE challenge  
  2. Blog Bits (monthly)(Click here to see the archive )

Happy Scrapping 2015!
Stash Bash - new for 2015
Hello and welcome to Stash Bash!

Each month there will be a number of challenges all designed to get you using up your stash.

This month the challenges are:
#1: to make a background out of scraps; 10 points
#2: to use something you've been saving; 10 points
#3: to let one embellishment choose your colour scheme; 10 points
#4: to recycle; 10 points.

Full details of each challenge are in the  PDF.  There are also two videos this month to compliment the PDF. UKS members can access that in the Stash Bash forum here .

The idea behind Stash Bash is to get you using your existing supplies and to make a LOT of layouts! Therefore each challenge is per layout, i.e. to claim 40 bonus points this month you'll have to make 4 layouts, applying the challenge criteria to each one individually. You can't apply two different challenges to the same layout and claim 20 bonus points. 
If you complete all 50 challenges by the end of 2015, then you will be able to claim an addition 50 bonus points for your team in the month of December.

Please upload your layouts to the gallery by the date the next challenges go live (fourth Monday in February 2015) to claim the bonus points for your team.

Thanks very much for joining in,
Happy Scrapping 
Niki x 
Team Project Life (December Edition) and more

This is the last post for Team Project Life.  It wraps up your year of inspiration from Niki at Being Scrappy .  This month also begins Niki's Monthly PL Challenge. Unlike TPL the challenge will come during the month, accompanied, most months, by a printable.   Use the TPL Gallery and the Project Life forum  for chatting. That is also where you will find the printables for download!

Team Project Life

Hello! and welcome to the twelfth and final installment of TEAM Project Life. This month we're looking at:

Weeks 49-52;

  • Using Christmas themed Project Life cards
  • adding sparkle and bling
  • creating a back cover

 There are two videos available to compliment the PDF. See the full entry in the TPL forum here  .

Upload to the gallery before the new Project Life challenge goes live (third Monday in February 2015) to claim the additional 10 bonus points for your team.

Thanks for joining in with me this year and happy scrapping x  




The first 2015 Project Life Challenge is:

Include a selfie and some ‘about you’ journaling

Include a shopping receipt or a tag

Use your name as an embellishment

Aspirations for 2015  

Find the download in the forum

Simple Recipes: Mood Board (January 2015)

Leo says:

Simple Recipes- Mood Board is a new spin on Simple Recipes for 2015. In each worksheet you have a mood board instead of the usual list of colours and suggestions like we had before. The mood board has images, colours and words/text to use as starting points for your creativity. Each new mood board will reflect the trends and the season of that time so you can take your inspiration as one or the other or both. The boards also have interactive images so say I've spotted a cool technique online or some kind of embellishment to make, clicking on an interactive image will take you to an online video tutorial for how to achieve it or create it from scratch. The worksheet also has a set of sketches including a scrapbook page sketch, greetings card sketch, an art journal page sketch and a planner divider page sketch. You don't have to use all of them but it does give you different ideas for whatever aspect of paper crafting you're wanting to sit down and do - it just gives you that place to get started.




You can take as much or as little from the board and sketches as you like, the aim is to use the worksheets as a point to get you kick started on your next new project. When you do create something and come back to share it here you can let us know what part of the board you've used as inspiration. It may even be more than one project throughout the month you create, each time creating something new.

I hope you have fun with this! The first download for 2015 will be in the Simple Recipes  forum the first Monday each month. It's in Adobe PDF format so can be added to your mobile phone or tablet to keep it interactive. The interactive links on the board take you to YouTube so should work with all major devices. 

HOUSE Challenge (January 2015)
Happy New Year and welcome to the first House Challenge of 2015, set for you by the Blue Brads.

If you spent any time with a 7 year-old as I did over the holidays I’ll bet you have Frozen buzzing around in your head! Well I might as well make use of the ear-worms so …

Your word challenge this month is to use one of these quotations (or any other you might know) from the Frozen film as the inspiration for your page.
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