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    Update V42.279 is no longer beta


    Video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-oFhFhilUk

    New Features

    Standard Edition and above

    Color Fonts now supported
    Print Bleed - Extend the printed area outside the cut lines to ensure that no white, unprinted areas are showing on the edges of your cut-out.
    Thumbnail previews - STUDIO3 file thumbnails now display as a preview of the file.
    Silhouette Library Updates (For a full list of changes, scroll down to ‘Library Updates’)
    Designer Edition and above

    Lasso Selection tool - Select multiple shapes using the lasso tool.
    Warp Templates - Bend shapes and text with the pre-defined templates.
    Designer Edition Plus and above

    Flexishapes - Quickly create and edit complex shapes.
    Puzzle Generator - Turn your photos into puzzles with the puzzle creator
    Business Edition

    Font Creation - Turn your handwriting into a font
    Digital Font Creation - Create your own font using the design tools within Studio
    Edition Toggling - Quickly adjust your display to match alternate editions of Studio
    Library Updates

    Thumbnail size slider - Adjust the size of design thumbnails with the new thumbnail slider
    ‘File Types’ & ‘Sort By’ filters - Library designs can now be filtered with the new ‘File Types’ & ‘Sort By’ filters
    Favorites folder - Designs can now be Favorited by clicking the ‘Star’ symbol, these files can then be found in the new ‘Favorites’ folder
    Library & Design split-view - View the Library and Design page simultaneously by clicking the Library icon that appears on the left-hand side toolbar while on the ‘Design’ page
    Unseen design indicator - New designs that have not been interacted with will have a blue bold title marking them as unseen. Folders containing unseen designs will display a blue dot. To mark designs as seen you can:
    Right-click a folder and select ‘Mark All as Seen’.
    Right-click the unseen design and select ‘Mark as Seen’
    Left-click the unseen design
    Once a folder no longer contains "unseen" designs, the blue dot will disappear.
    Library Import UX update
    Empty Folder indicator - Empty library folders will now show ‘This folder is empty.’ within the thumbnail view when selected
    Expandable Library thumbnails - Library thumbnails can now be expanded by clicking the icon that appears when hovering over a design
    Silhouette Studio will now request that a library backup is created before migrating the library into a Silhouette Studio 4.2 compatible state
    Local User files and a chosen Silhouette account will be merged into a single library account or these Local User files can be exported to a user-specified location on your hard drive.
    Advanced Settings have been added to the Library, from here you can:
    Take a snapshot of the current library state. These snapshots can then be reverted to if in rare circumstances a library is lost
    Remove duplicated files
    To access the Library, a Silhouette account needs to be signed in. The Silhouette account can be set to ‘Work Offline’ which will stop automatic syncing.
    Bug Fixes

    Standard Edition and above

    Library fixes
    The Library has been optimized to improve the speed
    Library designs containing an ampersand (&) within the file name will now display successfully
    Library imports can now run in the background while you continue using Studio
    ‘Show Properties’ window has received a UX update
    ‘Show All Designs’ has been renamed to ‘All Files’
    ‘Library’ has been renamed to ‘Designs’
    Single-clicking an empty space in the library deselects all selected items
    Import to Library has now been greyed out until a Silhouette account is signed-in
    Crash Fixes
    Fixed an issue which was, in some instances, causing Studio to crash on start-up
    Corrupted studio3 files will no longer crash studio when opened and instead display a corrupted file warning message
    Adjusting the angle of a text item’s Fill Pattern no longer causes Studio to crash
    Fixed a crash that was occurring on launch
    Silhouette Studio will no longer crash on launch for libraries that contain duplicate files
    Removing Silhouette accounts will no longer crash Studio
    Selecting purchased SDS fonts no longer crashes Studio
    Studio no longer crashes when applying popup to text or grouped shapes
    Studio no longer crashes when removing cloud accounts
    General Fixes
    Silhouette Studio no longer forgets Silhouette machines on a restart of the software
    Fixed inability to select text objects in all known conditions
    The Silhouette Design Store will now open your default browser window when clicked on
    Can no longer save to a full storage location
    Most recently opened files now display at the top of the Open Recent list rather than the bottom
    Files that are merged into Studio now appear within the Open Recent list
    The Open Recent list now correctly updates when new files are opened
    The text-align icon now updates to match the selected alignment
    Registration Marks can no longer be activated if the Stamp Mat is active
    The Line Style panel now correctly appears within the Panels file menu
    Calibration document tab now closes once the Calibration window has been closed from the Send page
    The tooltip for the Line Color tab now appears correctly
    Added the ability to zoom in and out within the User Manual when using CTRL + or CTRL -
    A scroll bar now appears for release notes that appear within Preferences > Updates
    Themes now update successfully when selected from the Preference window
    The 'Check for Updates -> Monthly' option now displays correctly
    The text color of brackets now updates as expected when highlighted
    The Silhouette ALTA mat can now be selected from the Cutting Mat list
    Updated the ‘Incompatible Cutting Mat’ warning message text
    ‘New Folder’ option has been added to the context menu when right-clicking within the thumbnail view
    DXF files now import successfully into Studio
    Design thumbnail successfully updates when ‘Retry Download’ is used
    Design count is now shown next to folders in thumbnail view
    Updated the spinning sync icon to improve visibility
    Error tone no longer sounds when unknown shortcuts are pressed on Mac
    Improved the processing time when going to Send
    No longer need to select Panels & Tools twice due to lost focus on Mac
    Additional specialty material settings have been added
    Sticky Note text style and size can be updated
    Right-clicking on your workspace now provides the option to “Show/Hide Registration Marks”
    Fixed a spacing issue that occurred during the ‘Do you want to save changes’ prompt
    It is no longer possible to create shapes with a width and height of 0
    If multiple shapes are selected when entering point edit mode all shapes will now display their edit points instead of just one shape
    Point Editing tools found on the Quick Access Toolbar now have the correct tooltips
    Updated UI for preference modal windows
    CMD ‘+’ and ‘–‘ now correctly zoom in and out on Mac OSX
    Designer Edition and above fixes

    Corrupted PDF files will no longer crash studio when opened and instead display a corrupted file warning message
    SVG’s that contain patterns no longer crash Studio when opened from the Library
    Condensed layers will now successfully highlight when a contained object is selected
    Optimized PDF file import speed and reliability
    Guidelines can no longer be created while the Ruler is turned off
    Node count for opened PDF files has been greatly reduced
    SVG files now open as expected
    Fixed truncation issue that occurred on the Object on Path tab
    Designer Edition Plus and above fixes

    Adv. Rhinestone icons have been moved to stop overlapping text
    Filling text or shapes with Adv. Rhinestones no longer crashes Studio
    Business Edition fixes

    Page width can now be adjusted above 12 inches
    View menu no longer has multiple methods of turning BE Page Setup on and off
    Studio no longer crashes when the ‘Regular Grid’ view is selected within the Tiling panel
    Weed lines now display in the Panels file menu
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    Thank you Doreen - that's certainly a shipping order!
    Sylvia x
    My Blog

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    If you go to the store you can download the manual for free

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJG View Post
    If you go to the store you can download the manual for free
    Thanks Doreen, downloaded it yesterday but haven’t had a read yet but I thought it was worth getting seeing as it’s free !!

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    Thank you Doreen!

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