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    Super Moderator scrapdolly's Avatar
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    Changes to the Gallery for challenges

    Thank you all for your input over the past few days. It’s been clear how much UKS means to everyone and Sue and I have been looking at ways to keep things vibrant for everyone.

    Weekly challenges will now last all month ... for example the weekly challenges posted in November will need to be uploaded by the end of the calendar month .... obviously the last week might run into the start of the following month. If the challenge runs into the next month then you have until the end of that next mo nth to upload it so oodles of time. This will give people more time to do the challenges. This will also apply to Friday challenges.

    Plus Sue and I are really keen to see the gallery that shows at the top of every page really active and constantly changing. So ... from now ... the weekly challenge, the monthly challenge, the Friday5 and the sketch challenge will ALL be uploaded just to the LAYOUT section of the gallery.

    This will mean we all see a constantly changing top line, layouts will be seen more by more people, hopefully garnering more comments, and we will, as a community, get to see each other’s work more often and easily.

    Hope that makes sense for everyone

    and who who knows what fun activities Sue and I might concoct for 2019 ... here’s to UK Scrappers everyone.

    So to summarise

    Weekly challenges and Friday 5 last for the whole calendar month and if a challenge runs into the next month for example posted 26th November you have untilt he end of that next month to upload so end of december

    All challenge pages for weekly, monthly, sketch and Friday 5 get uploaded to the LAYOUT section of the gallery
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    Chatty papercrafter elainevking's Avatar
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    Sounds like a great idea. Thank you for all you do for us.
    BTCR tally = 15
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    You're never too old to try something new ;) TinkerHamilton's Avatar
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    This sounds like a good compromise. Thank you for al, your hard work Karen and Sue.


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    Dedicated Scrapper Maggie B's Avatar
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    I like the sound of these improvements, they will certainly get my mojo moving a bit faster! Thanks everyone for getting together to make UKS the place to meet and make friends, be inspired and keep scrapping!
    Scrap A Sketch
    I'm a member of Team Scrap Happy .

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    Just call me DC8!! daisychain888's Avatar
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    This sounds fab! Thanks again for all your hard work ladies

    'people may forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel'

    x Jayne x

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    Dedicated Scrapper sharon1973's Avatar
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    Yes I think that's a good idea, all in one place, means we can all see what people have been creating instantly in the first place we look.

    Thanks also for extending the deadlines in the challenges, I appreciate that.
    Addicted to stash!!

    Green Buttons House...

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    Dedicated Scrapper Jolene's Avatar
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    The changes sound great. Hopefully the extended deadlines will get my mojo going.
    Jo x

    Christmas Advent Swap

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    generally happy, often bewildered Organic Ness's Avatar
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    Great to have longer to complete challenges. Thanks x
    I'm Scrap Happyand a Green Button

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    Just hand over the chocolate, and nobody gets hurt. thriftycrafter's Avatar
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    Oops, I've been doing that anyway. But now, Friday 5 what is that? Something else I need to discover...
    So many challenges sometimes it's hard to find them all, is there a way we can see them all at a glance? I liked the old front page which gave us all of them.
    Lovely to have them though, I might never get anything done without them, so thank you to all those who get them up there for us.
    Happily Scrapping for Scrap Happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by thriftycrafter View Post
    But now, Friday 5 what is that? Something else I need to discover...
    Friday 5
    BtCR 2019 card tally 20
    My blog: Me and Mine

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