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    That's close Alison.

    Mary's cushion may be too late for some of us but we can still try the glitter for breakfast. Such a great sign Ellie.

    back from the shops again, mind you, I spent half my time ringing my neighbour asking if he wanted anything. It went from I don't think so, to bags of shopping and some meow too. This time it was cat food. I wouldn't mind but we only reall went out to go to the post office and library and missed the library.

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    I missed your post Elaine. Wow, so sorry to hear about your BIL, you may have mentioned it and apologies if it has gone out of my head. That is so scary and in so many ways. The fact that it can come on so suddenly, the fact that it is all so real to him and how you all cope as a family. Did you ever have a time when you thought he said unusual things but dismissed them as just being him? I ask because we had a similar thing happen with an uncle of mine and it only became apparent that there was something seriously wrong after he retired from work. My uncle thought the bovigunners and posceini were out to get him. Not sure if that is how it is spelt simply because they don't exist. It was a bad time. Long story but if you ever want to chat you know where I am. Meanwhile, let's hope the medication controls things and enables him to live a less fearful life. It is so hard to imagine what he is going through although I know what everyone around him is going through having lived through it.

    I bought new pillows today so I'm going to have a look at them now.

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    Oh Elaine ,that is so sad. It must be awful for you all.
    Your BIL must be in a state of fear and anxiety all of the time.
    Did something happen to set it off, I wonder. These things are
    hard to fathom and a mystery sometimes even to professionals.
    I hope that the tablets work and he gets some relief. Poor man.

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    Oh Elaine that is so sad and so hard to live with
    Scrappycats Team Green Button house
    My Blog Mary's Musings

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