I know many members here will have known Dawn Inskip. She was a very talented paper scrapper for many many years and on the design team here at UKS. She then put her creative talents to amazing use becoming a truly awesome digital designer. Her kits and collections were unique - there was nothing else quite like Dawn's work with a mix of her painting alongside her unique creativity.

Dawn passed away very suddenly and far too young towards the end of last week and the whole scrapping community has been mourning her.

There has been such an outpouring of love and support for Dawn Inskip that I felt as a scrapping community we ought to do something as a lasting tribute to Dawn. I have spoken with her daughter Carly and we think perhaps something like a bench with a plaque about Dawn at the bird sanctuary where Carly works and which Dawn loved so much. I have started a Just Giving page and hope that members of the scrapping community who thought so much of Dawn and her creative talent will stand behind this project and enable this lasting reminder to become a reality. Please pass this link on to others who were touched by Dawn, her friendship and her creativity so that, together, we can make this come true. Dawn was such an amazing lady and something tangible to reflect that from all of us would be marvellous.

I have posted this in predominantly digital communities but Dawn started her scrapping life here at UKS and I know many of the long time members willr emember her as a paper scrapper as well as asa digital scrapper.


Link is