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Oct WC - Week 3

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WC - Oct wk 2

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    Cameo 3 Premium Blade

    The Premium Blade doesn't appear to be an option in V.4.4.441ssde, does anyone know why? The choices are Automatic, Ratchet, Deep Cut. Of course it works with Ratchet it just seems curious that the Premium was listed as an option in V.3. but not in V.4.
    Unfortunately my Premium blade, although working perfectly the last time I used it (several weeks ago) will now only cut the surface of any card or paper, no matter what the setting or however many times I send to cut. I can only suppose that it is damaged in some way though the line it scores looks perfect, no tears or rough bits. I thought my cutting problems were over when Brian recommended the micronometer and gave us a tutorial on its use. I've lost count of how many Premium blades I've gone through, my fault entirely before Brian's help, so considering how little I've used my machine of late it's very disappointing. In fact my machine is proving to be as much of a money pit as my garden!

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    I've never noticed premium blade ever being an option in V3 or V4. I thought it was just a harder wearing blade that came under the ratchet type. I use the premium blade all the time and I maybe tempting fate if I say they do tend to last longer than the others. Perhaps you've knocked the tip if the blade off the end and that is why its not cutting. Check it under a magnifying glass.

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    Shirley I have two premium blades but only used one once and found I needed to be on 4 to cut through card I normally cut on 3. I find my auto blade cuts the best, although not once it fills up with debris. I find it harder to take apart to clean than the ratchet blade.

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    If you scroll to the bottom of this thread you will find some good information from Brian regarding the premium blade and that fact that it is easier to damage than the other blades. I have one but have never used it but I donít remember it ever being an option in cut settings.

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    Oh Lord Cariad, I've just checked and you're right! I know my memory ain't what it used to be but I must be losing the plot altogether. If I forget my name I guess I can always look on here! I guess you're right about me having knocked it too but I didn't think I'd taken it out of the carriage since its last use, but what do I know - witness above statement.

    Neries I tried it on 4 but it didn't make any difference, didn't go any higher than that though, just varied the force. Think I'll go back to the ratchet blade and see if I have any better luck with that. I do use quite heavy card a lot, 300gsm+.

    Thank you ladies for your interest and to Shirley Anne for the link to the interesting post from Brian, I don't think I saw that originally, but then ... who knows?

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