Yes it is def a chatty friendly little group
I have a lot to say too but will dash off now as it's stopped rainy it's been showered today quite heavy and now it's carrot time so can slip in between the showers the donkeys just don't understand that all donkeys don't get carrots well I think the oldest of the donkeys granny does she was very much a working donkey her DD was too on a cart from an early age and not trusting of humans who can blame her the youngest two that where born here with me just obviously had the life of Riley so very spoilt and if carrots aren't there at 2 30 prompt they be such a big bray
That's all for now see long post!!!bbl
The lady wants two more cards one for a hairdresser and one for the dentist but she printed something from internet I can use so maybe cant fit blue in we'll see

I was