Ready for a our new Snap! Challenge? Great! Charge up those cameras

Here’s what you do – during July and August take a photo of each of the items listed below. You can substitute up to two items from the 1-20 list with items in the A-D list if you wish. You don't have to be in a team to join in.

Your photos need to be uploaded to an album here in the UKS gallery or to a single post on your blog. You do not have to take all 20 photos to qualify for the layout bonus points. Please upload your layouts to the Snap gallery by August 31st.

You may claim:

60 bonus points for all 20 photos uploaded to your gallery album or single blog post and linked in this post
30 bonus points for a double layout featuring multiple photos from the list, uploaded to the Snap gallery.
30 bonus points for a page using photos from the list and the sketch below, uploaded to the Snap gallery.

That’s 120 bonus points!!

Here's your sketch ...

summer 2017 sketch.JPG

Here’s your 1-20 list …

1 a dome
2 a hanging basket
3 something sticky
4 something smaller than your thumb
5 a set of three
6 anything noisy
7 on a bench
8 an apple
9 an object you would never part with
10 a street sign beginning with the letter S
11 a reflection other than in a mirror
12 stitches
13 something tall
14 anything containing the letter Z
15 feathers
16 peace and quiet
17 something with a tail
18 a wall
19 two wheels
20 something surprising!

And your A-D Substitutes list
A a new frock
B a summer celebration
C the colour yellow
D a menu

In summary:
- put your 20 photos in a single post on your blog or in an album in the UKS gallery
- post a link to your photos in this post
- upload your layouts in the UKS Snap gallery
- give your points to your team leader by 31st August

Feel free to chat and share your favourite photos in this thread.

Team leaders please list all Snap! Challenge points on the August (not July or September) spreadsheet in the SNAP line.

Good luck and happy snapping!