Start a subscription to Quirky Kits to receive a fun box of scrapbooking supplies delivered to your door every two months. There are four kit to choose between or you can mix up kits together. There is a bundling discount for subscribing to more than one kit at the same time. Postage and packing is included in the subscription price and you can also shop the subscribers extras shop and get free delivery with purchase you add in to your kit box too.

The kits are:
Quirky Kit Main kit which is designed to have a balance of paper and embellishments with 4 cardstock sheets, 7 paper sheets and 5 or more embellishment items.
Quirky Kit Lite kit which is a smaller kit you can use as an add on to the main kit or as a smaller kit in it's own right. In that kit are 2 cardstock sheets, 5 paper sheets and 2 or more embellishment items.
Quirky Kit Embellishments which is a kit just with packs of embellishments and it contains 6 or more different packs/types of embellishments.
Quirky Kit Custom Cards. This is for pocket scrapbooking and contains 3x4 and 6x4 pocket scrapbooking cards plus 2 or more packs/types of embellishments.

You can pick the one that best fits for your scrapbooking or you can bundle more than one kit together and save 2 for two kits, 4 for three kits and 6 for all four kits. If you're part of a scrapbooking crop/group and would like to bundle more than one kit of the same type you can also benefit from the bundling discount but your kits need to be purchased together under one account.

Take a look at the subscribe page see all the details and if you'd like to bundle kits fill in the form at the bottom of the page.
Thank you