Welcome to the thread for this year's 52 Cards challenge!

Those of you who joined in with the 2011 challenge will be quite familiar with how this works but there are a few little changes this year - namely to the prompts.

What is it?
A no-stress challenge aimed at getting you to make a card a week in 2012.
Each week I will post prompts to my blog - these will either be:
  • 3 prompts randomly picked from the prompt jar
  • Photo inspiration from Pinterest, etc. (that you can interpret in any way that you like: colours, layout, design elements, product - it's up to you!)
  • Design elements or themes
  • An existing card design that you can use as a sketch to create your own interpretation

All you need to do is use the prompts as inspiration to create a card and share it here on the thread. Easy as that.

If you can't include all elements of a prompt, don't worry - there are no rules, the aim is simply to get creating!

Where are the prompts?
All prompts past and present can be found here at my blog.

When are they posted?
The prompts go live every Monday morning at around 8.30 a.m. Due to work hours I schedule the blog post for challenge prompts so it's available at the same time and same place each week. I am sure some kind soul could list the prompts here on the thread for anyone having difficulties visiting the blog.

So all that remains to say is... see you Monday for week one!