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    Rules and contest outline

    Scrap Factor Scrapbooking contest

    Prize - Winner £500 and an assortment of product
    Runner’s up - £100 each and an assortment of product

    Are you a scrapper with the X-faxtor? If you think you have the Scrap-Factor, why not enter the UKS scrapbooking contest for 2011?

    How it works:
    Submissions may be sent starting 21 March 2011 and are due the 8th of April at 12:00 noon.

    We will ask members to submit 5 layouts for consideration. Layouts can by 12 x 12 or 8.5 x 11 or a mixture of both sizes.
    The five layouts must include:
    one two page layout
    one no-photos layout
    one about-you layout

    From the submissions, we will choose a total of 5 scrappers for each of the 3 Judges. The 15 contestants will be announced on 11th April 2011. We will also announce the theme for the week (layouts due Monday, 18th April) at that time.

    Mary Anne will mentor one group of 5 paper and glue scrappers, Shimelle will mentor one group of 5 hybrid scrappers and ScrapDolly will mentor the third group which will be digital scrappers.* “Mentor” is used very loosely for the contest purposes - mentors will be available to the contestants for input as desired but will NOT dictate to the scrappers what the submitted layouts will look like. They are there to give structure to the contest, not to interfere! If there is ever an actual tie for the "bottom two" then the mentors will decide - I assume this is going to be extremely unlikely.

    Paper and glue scrappers may use NO digital elements.
    Hybrid scrapper must use at least ONE digital element on each layout
    Digi scrappers may ONLY submit all digital layouts

    There will be a hidden Gallery for submissions. Voting will be hidden from view for members so no-one will know how well any layout is doing while the voting is going on. Each member will be allowed ONE vote. No commenting will be allowed in the vote-gallery due to technical issues.

    The bottom two will move to a different gallery for voting and all members will once again be allowed to vote one just for those two layouts.

    Weekly Schedule
    First Monday:Contestants announced, Theme for first week announced - layouts due Friday by 8 Am

    Following Monday 8AM - Layouts posted, voting begins. Theme for the following week announced.

    Friday 8AM -*layouts for contestants due for following week

    Friday 9AM - "bottom two" announced, Survival layout (any theme) posted Friday 12 noon, voting begins for knockout

    All contestants should have a layout prepared in the event they are one of the bottom two.

    Sunday 8 PM - knockout announced

    Monday 8AM - Layouts posted, voting begins, theme for the following week announced


    The final will consist of one themed round with the Final 3 and one round between the final 2 consisting of three layouts.

    The cash prize is awarded to the winner along with a selection of sponsor-donated prizes, while the runner up will get a smaller selection of product prizes.

    Each of the Final 3 must do two layout classes to be featured on the UKS home Page at the end of the contest, and which will be available to members as a PDF to download.

    Rules for entry: You must be a member of UKS and in the Scrappers user group (ie no New Members - you must have been a member of UKS for 30 days to enter the contest) SPONSOR owners and Moderators may not enter, but Sponsor DT members and alternate posters may.

    Only Members will be able to vote.

    Layouts submitted must be the contestants own work - no scraplifts or sketch-based layouts allowed. If there is an accusation of lifting or sketch-use, the judges will decide and the decision of the judges is final.

    Photos used my be by a friend or family member, but no internet images may be used.

    If we don't get enough submissions to make up the groups, UKS reserves the right to modify the rules or in extreme circumstances, cancel the contest.

    So get your scrapping mojo working and let's see who has The Scrap Factor!
    ************************************************** ******

    Feel free to ask any questions here, as a new thread, if you are confused by any of the rules or need clarification!

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    To add:
    If you are submitting a layout that has been made previously, it cannot have been published IN PRINT (ie in a mag) and should be removed from any online gallery or blog till the finalists are announced.

    For the weekly contest layouts, they should only be posted in the UKS gallery while you are still in the contest.

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