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Attention to detail ABC Challenge extraordinary

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Snack Break - ABC Challenge Watercolour

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DIY Dude January Week 2

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January challenge 2018

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    Important Reminder! Retail links

    The Craft Robo forum is part of UKS. As such, the rules that guide the rest of the site regarding non-sponsor selling apply here too.

    • YOU MAY NOT advertise cards or templates for sale unless you are a sponsor.
    • YOU MAY NOT link (either thru the www field in your profile or thru a signaure link, or indeed thru a post, or on your visitor page) to a site that sells unless you are a sponsor.

    We DO allow freebie sites to be listed in the Useful Links thread in the Templates forum. We also have a limited sponsor, who is listed there and sells video tutorials. Other limited sponsorships within the CR forum are possible, if you are just selling cards or templates and not a scrapbooking supply shop or site. Feel free to PM me about this.

    BUT, there have been complaints about these links - some Mods have removed in the past, but they seem to have resurfaced. PLEASE remove any and all links to retail sites (which includes sites that don't list prices but from which items can be purchased) - links that are to galleries or blogs that include NO RETAIL component, actual or implied, are very welcome!


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    Arrow Posting of images of work outside Templates

    In a few words, don't do it!

    If you want to share your work, please post your image in the GALLERY (I've asked Smax to create a Template Cards gallery so they will all be in one place) then if you really want to call it to people's attention, post in the sticky thread that Lucille will start for "New Work" and link to the gallery.

    If you are a Sponsor (limited) and are posting the sampe as advertising, instead use the NEW Templates sub-forum called templates for sale. You do not need to post the template (obviously!) but you CAN post the image and people will have one place to go to see all the new templates for sale by our limited sponsors.

    Do NOT post templates in the chat section ever, as there is NO CONTROL over who can download them and given recent events we really don't want free and easy access to any UKS work.

    Thanks all

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    Arrow Guide for what is allowed in this forum (from Graphtec)

    In an effort to clarify what is and is not allowed in this forum, and with input from Graphtec, this is what you should use to guide you:

    1. Other machines - other machines can be discussed but not promoted. No retail info may be posted, no links to shops or sites, no discussion of prices. No requesting info by PM or posting that you will (or have) PMed someone. Keep it off the public section of the board. Technical info can be discussed, pleas for help can be made and answered for ANY machine or software. If threads for any particular machine get excessively long and tip over into promotion merely because of their continued presence at the top of the forum they may be closed at the moderators discretion.

    2. Consumables - discussion on how to make your own will be allowed, as will how to re-sticky carrier sheets, for example, but no discussion or links for where to buy competing consumables will be allowed.

    3. Sponsors of UKS - Full and Limited sponsors who also sell competing machines must adhere to the general UKS rules with the addition of not mentioning in their visible signature links any machine other than the CR. While they may post their once-daily posts in the sponsors forum saying they sell other sorts of machines they cannot do so in the CR forum.

    This should make it all much clearer for us all.


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