First let me say that the Infraction specifications previously listed were set by vB as a basic template. What we can tweak, we have, based on a further review of how we use UKS as a community, and taking the existing rules, as outlined in the FAQ, into consideration.

I reference the Yellow Card Warning a couple of times. I’ll edit this to include into on it as soon as I am sure I understand how it works, or delete it, but didn't want to delay getting the basic info up till then

Aunauthorized Advertising or Linking

Signature Rule/Profile rule/Gallery Violation
1 point, expires in 60 days

This means if you have a link that violated the rules for signatures. You will first receive a YELLOW CARD warning, then a point. To recap those for you:

- No links to retail sites, either in your signature or in your profile except by sponsors
- No links to charity collections unless they adhere to the guidelines for Charity posts in the FAQ
- No Design Team blinkies/logos except for sponsor shops
- No ads in the Gallery. You can list product or kit by name in the descriptive text (but not in the title) but no links for purchasing
- for Sponsors, exceeding the allocation for advertising text of 2 lines

Inappropriate Link/Requesting PMs to advertise for info
1 point, expires in 30 days

Linking to a retail site that is not a sponsor, linking to an eBay posting, linking to an offensive image or site.

What we anticipate is that people who are new to UKS and who have not read the FAQ may link to a site without realising it is not allowed. We expect we would issue a Yellow Card warning, then a point if it happens again. Part of the system is that people will AUTOMATICALLY be notified if an infraction has been issued. Our hope is that people will only ever get ONE infraction for this. From then on they can’t claim ignorance of the rules and once they know will hopefully not need another point to remind them.

I need to stress one thing. We often get reported posts for people that mention a shop name. This is NOT an offence, unless a review of the person’s past posts show they are repeatedly mentioning the same shop over and over again or are linked to that shop. Mentioning a name of a shop, with no additional identifying info (no link to the site, no street address, no phone number, no directions to where it is) is perfectly OK

I know this has been a little inconsistent in the past, but with the new system we hope to standardise it across the boards.

It is not OK to post that people should PM you for info of non-sponsor sites. If you want more info, PM the original poster, don’t post “Can you PM me the info?” and if you are the OP you can PM the info in response to a PM but not post “I’ve PMed you” when you do. It’s all about sharing info without advertising it.

Advertising against forum rules and policy
5 points, expires in 60 days

Unlike the Inappropriate links infraction, this is more directed to businesses who come on UKS to promote themselves, non-sponsor Kit suppliers who post links to their sites in the Monthly Kit threads, that sort of thing. Regular members would get an Inappropriate Link infractions, owners would get the stronger infraction for self-promotion.

Offensive Language

Filter Avoidance Violation
1 point, expires in 60 days

As mentioned before this is directly applicable to editing to avoid a banned word. This include not only swearing but things like editing to make a business who’s mention on UKS is not allowed appear (ie when Scrapaganza was not a sponsor Scrapaganza was censored so people just added spaces S C R A P A G A N Z A to make it appear)

“Argumentative Sarcastic Posts” is too subjective and not descriptive enough. We will substitute Racist/Sexual/other offensive content instead. Rules of common sense apply - it has to be something that is universally offensive, not just something one person finds offensive. See also Inappropriate Links above.


Personal Comment Aimed at other member/s (Minor)
1 point, expires in 90 days

Subjective, but it must be a clearly personal attack and each report will be looked at on a case by case basis. We will post guidelines one we have a better idea of what is likely.

Personal Comment Aimed at other member/s (Major)
3 point, expires never

Again this is subjective, and each reported infraction will be looked at individually. But a general rule of thumb is that the comment must be aimed directly at a specific member, either by name or in a direct reply in a thread and in order for it to be a major infraction it would have to be something extremely harsh, that is clearly a PERSONAL attack. These are, fortunately VERY rare on UKS. We do not anticipate this getting used much, if ever.

Abuse by pm 9 points
expires in 60 days

If we get sent a PM that is CLEARLY abusive, and this does not mean that it is a difference of opinion, but that the language and tone can clearly be seen to be bullying or libellous, this infraction would apply.


Restarting a closed/deleted thread
1 point, expires in 60 days

If we close a thread, or delete it, common sense should dictate that we did it for a reason. Although there may not be a specific infraction issued to a specific poster, the overall tone of the thread might require it to be closed or removed. It might be removed for another reason - like Thanks to Sponsors, complaints about sponsors or non-sponsor shops or sites, or some business coming on to promote themselves, which are all addressed in the FAQ. Usually if it is more appropriate we will post then close the thread. But I repeat - if it was closed we did so fo a reason. Restarting it is not allowed. You are welcome to PM me for more detail on WHY it was deleted- sometimes it is not appropriate to explain the reasons in public.

Spamming 500 points
expires never

The points for SPAMMING were pre-set by vB at 500 points. It may *seem* like overkill but there was a reason - ie if we as forum owners adjust the number of point upwards for banning, the limit had to be set high enough that there was no danger any forum owner could mistakenly set it ABOVE the permanent ban for spamming. So if we wanted to se a One Week Ban at 60 points, and Spamming had been set by vB at 50 we wouldn’t be permanently banning spammers, only banning them for a time.